Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Toys Attention

A recent survey showed that 40 foreign women over the age of sexual fun supplies the highest degree of attention, the enthusiasm to buy the highest in the past did not dare to wear sexy underwear has now become popular, openly drying up. As we all know, when sex with both sexual function in people's own flaws or no sexual partners, can also be used as an adjunct to normal between husband and wife. Human sexual intercourse or must not only just to get an orgasm, but harmony and sexual satisfaction is an important part of married life.

Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Toys Attention
Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Toys Attention

When people because of mental, physical and other issues can not complete normal sexual intercourse should not be in the negative, nothing attitude towards completely outside the genital parts of the body can use to help with the aid of drugs or sex, etc. to complete sexual activity. For example, when the man can not erect penis, sexual intercourse is not complete, then the man can aid hands, mouth, tools, etc., to the care of the household to provide non-genital contact sexual stimulation, so that the woman's sexual satisfaction.

Some of the non-sex sex sexual activity were all seen as unusual, abnormal, unhealthy, this is not the correct view or bias. Now because people can make use of eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. to solve vision, hearing function, and why can not solve with the help of a function in terms of inadequate? Of course, sex is not a panacea, they are only a mechanical device, it is no substitute for human sentiment and psychological needs, so the establishment of a happy marriage and harmonious sexual life still has its significance. There is a student from abroad to bring back one of his wives with, unexpectedly wife addicted to sex with pleasure, sexual intercourse with her husband no longer willing to make this kind gentleman dumbfounding, annoyed.

Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Sex Toys

Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Toys Attention

In fact, this aspect of the couple's sex life wife reflects lack of knowledge, it also reflects the two sides affirmed the existence of past life quite unhappy place, and the lack of honest communication between the two. Later in the doctor's help, the couple reconciled, sex with her husband is no longer an obstacle rejection, just icing on the cake if necessary aids. For hard to find a spouse, widowed or divorced, celibate, etc., in the absence of sexual partners, the lack of a normal life, sex might be a better way out to solve their sexual choices.

Common women toys

Oscillators - such simulation oscillator known as Jian Wei, divided into male-female categories. Initial production of a major is to provide vibration stimulation to the penis, clitoris and other sensitive parts, so that only a simple function of the high frequency oscillation, usually 80 hertz, that can provide high-frequency oscillations per second, 80 times the stimulus. The current oscillator function has been greatly improved, in addition to the oscillation effect, as well as stretching, swinging, rotating, peristalsis and other features. In addition, the texture of the material, there are big changes, with more real sensuality. Resonator made more male-like vagina, the new equipment is small, texture, and help treat patients without ejaculation ejaculation disorder; to some extent, can help premature ejaculation, impotence and the patient recovered their sexual function. Furthermore, in the absence of sexual partners and a normal sex life, can be used for masturbation. Female oscillator made more penis-shaped, to a certain extent, can help stimulate the woman's orgasm, increase sexual desire, treatment or sex; or impotence when the man, the woman in order to achieve sexual gratification.

Why Sawed Woman Most Favorite Toys Attention

Common females toys

Enhanced stimulus classes - sheep eyes, crystal sets, special condoms, condom lengthened so has enhanced the role of women stimulate or prolong male sexual intercourse, but also combines two functions.

Lubrication Class - Various lubricants can help solve women (especially older women) the problem of insufficient vaginal lubrication, ensuring the smooth conduct of life have a greater help. Should be paid to the choice of a water-soluble lubricant without chemical activity, in order to avoid the influence of drugs added to the growth of the normal vaginal flora, but cause pathogens to multiply.

This sex with large pharmaceutical stores or specialized sex shops can buy. But the word of caution here is: regardless of sexual dysfunction or sexual problems, we should first find a specialist consultation, treatment, proper selection and use of equipment in a doctor's guidance. Lack the necessary knowledge to understand and correct choice, free use of the tool, the result may be more harm than good.
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