1 Week Relaxing Magic Apple Diet Loses 10 Pounds

1 Week Relaxing Magic Apple Diet Loses 10 Pounds

Not mm weight of the movement, would choose to diet, especially with fruit to lose weight. In the fruit, Apple is not only nutritious, but also weight loss effects. Here's a look at how Apple ate the most weight.

Apple features

Mauls Rosacea, sweet, sour, nutrient-rich fruits and food. Medicinal can regulate gastrointestinal diarrhea, constipation. And can be used to treat high blood pressure, prevent and recover from fatigue effects, and reduce the role of cholesterol in the blood.

Apples contain sugars (including sucrose, sugar), protein, fat, vitamins and minerals such as phosphorus, calcium, iron, and acid, quinine acid, citric acid, tannic acid, and carotene.

Apple diet principles

Obesity is mainly caused by excess heat, therefore losing weight to reduce calorie intake and consumption savings of energy in the body that is fat and on through a balanced excess calories to prevent new: in fat tissue regeneration.

With the improvement of people's living standard, some bad eating habits make the stomach unable to bear the heavy burden of the people. By Apple due to the presence of the human body in all kinds of amino acids, protein, vitamins, minerals and carotene, and can basically meet the nutrients necessary for the human body, and easily digested and absorbed; more important is that Apple's delicious, easy to be accepted by the people.

Apple diet can make people's digestive systems have sufficient rest, restore the original function; the body's intake of calorie reduced, so the heat consumption savings can be the body to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body, it will be up to weight loss results.

Apple diet can promote the function of the digestive system. Because Apple can fully digested and absorbed by the body, very little waste, thus reducing the burden on the stomach, kidneys, make the full discharge of the waste, to purify the blood. The body's metabolism to normal, waste can be smoothly discharged, it can be the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

Apple diet can promote the formation of white blood cells in the blood, strengthens the body's immunity. Meanwhile, people's nerves more healthy, endocrine function is more reasonable, to improving the spirit, promote the skin's normal physical activity is of great significance.

Apples weight loss method

Apple-specific way to lose weight is: within three days cannot eat other foods, eat an Apple a day. Can personal eating habits eating habits early, middle, and late and eat in order to not feel hungry as well. You know, any food can irritate the stomach, making normal digestive and absorptive disorders after eating Apple, of course, if you can't fight it because of work or other reasons, or just one or two days to lose weight, just do it, you can receive certain effects.

If you feel thirsty, drinking boiled water and some with no harsh tea. In short, during the weight loss, stomach is very sensitive to food and drink, not free drinks so as not to cause stomach upset.

Apple to select with no pesticide-contaminated and eaten as fresh as possible. If this is not up to the requirements, be sure to wash, Peel before eating. If body to eat does not apply, can be made into jams, juices, but do not add other ingredients. Sold on the market of juices often contain additives, it is best not to drink.

Apple heating until softened in a microwave oven is also edible. In addition, add some prepared fruit juice agar jelly, too-a good method.

In short, it only needed for processing, you can find out the suitable personal consumption, and to overcome the eating apples in a row for the negative psychological impact.

Apple diet after weight loss

3rd after the Apple diet, because the body does not have to eat other foods, gastrointestinal function will be very vulnerable for the time being, therefore, eating should be gradual, the diet should be light and not too much. For example, eat some porridge for breakfast, drink a glass of milk, add two slices of bread and cakes, lunch, dinner to eat green vegetables, tofu, fish, avoid fatty foods.
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