5 Yoga Bowel Detox Treatment Of Endocrine Disorders

5 Yoga Bowel Detox Treatment Of Endocrine Disorders

"Reading" more and more women is now as likely, irregular life, coupled with dietary excesses, gastro-resistance. Yoga to lose weight around the waist, Detox slimming has a significant role, here's to you the 5 Yoga colon Detox, helps slimming.

Spine rotation type of Yoga

Rotation of the spine (this position was India yoga school of medicine recommend) helps to observe and improve constipation, bowel movements slow, foul air, hernia abdominal symptoms.

  1. Sitting position, legs stretched forward.
  2. Inhale side legs back, feet on the other side of the outside of the knee on the ground. Hand on the ankle. Maintain natural stretching of the spine.
  3. Exhale, gently hold the hips back ground on the other side, slightly push the spine twists back. Eyes look to the back side of the body, gesture control, keep breathing evenly.

This posture can relieve lumbar fatigue, abdominal extrusion, expel foul air and hernias. Stretches the leg muscles.

-Flexion stretch

Sitting position, natural stretching of the spine, feet legs stretched forward, and his hands naturally at your sides or on your lap.

  1. Breathe in, arms straight, feet close together and your shoulders back with both hands, thumbs up, palms down. Put your arms above her head, close to the ears. Extended slightly upward so that the whole spine slightly backward.
  2. Exhale, move forward from the belly down close to the leg side, his hands gripping feet toes, smooth breathing. Focus on the belly. (Sense movement difficulty bending the knees)
  3. Breathe in, starting from the back, with the entire upper body. Exhale and return to start sitting. Time of 10-20 seconds.

Lumbar stretch

  1. Simple Lotus or Lotus, spine in a natural show, starting hands the chest.
  2. Inhale and folded hands held over my head, exhaling, spreading his arms to the side.
  3. Inhale, keeping buttocks, not off the ground and side arm raise, arm bent across the other side of light helped the ground. Side arm to help the body flexes. Eyes look to heel, or look through the upper arm toward the ceiling.

The triangle

  1. Open two feet twice the width of the shoulders. Arm horizontally into Chinese characters.
  2. Inhale, lateral toe to open 180 degrees to the right, the left ankle turned 45 degrees from the same direction. Look to the right hand fingers.
  3. Exhale and bend, fingers on the same side as much as possible to help to help you in any position (legs or ankles). Look at banner on one side of the finger.

Sitting position balance stretching pose

Sitting position, legs to the body to recover, both hands two feet and ankles.

  1. Breathing, the coccyx supports, both ankles will lift your legs off the ground, exhale try to knee leg show, balance, breathing evenly.
  2. Inhale, one hand on the right lateral ankle or calf. Legs straighten the knee on the other side and always lift it off the ground.
  3. Exhale, right hand drive right arm horizontally, so that the whole spine twists back. Eye level right arm. Balance, evenly breathing.

Note: this posture when completing exciting parts of the core, so try to keep the show on the back, knees bent.
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