99% of the Fitness Novice Wants To Know 40 Health Problems

99% of the Fitness Novice Wants To Know 40 Health Problems

1, The difference between spinning and exercise bike?

Spinning exercise, exercise bike exercise less. Spinning to simulate climbing, turning, sprinting, riding, especially the music rhythm ride, can reduce fatigue and boredom feeling and improve the sport, but not for overweight and older age groups; exercise bike just sitting and riding, but to the elderly and poor movement in the crowd is a choice.

2, Running with no shoes on what shoes to wear?

Runners must wear sneakers or professional running shoes. (Running shoes can be effective up to the buffering effect of the joint of the body. Barefoot is strictly forbidden, because in the soles of the feet will sweat, slippery in bare feet. )

3 Or how long a run?

To fat loss for the purpose of the training run, time cannot be less than 20 minutes at a time, preferably in about 50 minutes.

4, Insisted that she not come down?

Motion itself is a boring thing, think about health, think of the fascinating figure, custom goals as eating and stick movement. (Experimental proof, one event after repeated 21 times and it will naturally develop a habit, you try to stick to exercise 21 times, maybe you think of sport as everyday essential items. )

5, Hurts the knee-joint?

All fitness equipment as long as the correct method to use, and is not harmful to the body.

6, Which is more significant weight loss?

Every type of sport of perseverance to carry out, is useful for weight loss, (aerobic equipment from strong to week according to the training are: spinning, hiking, elliptical machine, treadmill, magnetic car. )

7, The difference between treadmills and elliptical machines?

The treadmill is a passive exercise, mainly lower extremity aerobic exercise; the elliptical machine is the initiative movement, hands and feet during exercise, and effectively reduce the various joints of the body relative to the running function, especially knee pressure.

8, The elderly for what kind of exercise?

Aerobic equipment you can choose upright or recumbent exercise bike. Anaerobic training can take manual or static strength training.

9, Treadmills (exercise bike, elliptical) which reduce belly?

The body where fat tends to hoard is the abdomen, through exercise and proper diet, it will play a role in fat, will naturally decrease our waist circumference, the belly is small.

10, Dumbbell multiple appropriate?

Dumbbell belonging to effective strength training equipment.

Three strength training fitness goals:

With the aim of increasing muscle strength training, we choose a set of 1-6 weight is appropriate you can do;

II developed muscle circumference for the purpose of training, we choose a set of 8-12 weight is appropriate you can do;

Third, to reduce fat and increase muscle endurance training for the purpose of, we choose a set of 15-20 weight is appropriate.


11, Supine straight and curved plates of distinction?

And, arc-shaped range of motion greater and more effective abdominal exercise. For the training function, supine straight can also make other alternative flat bench dumbbell training.

12, Why lighter than spinning exercise bike?

Spinning is the flywheel is metal, fitness wheel is composite

13, Just why are treadmills and dizziness?

Because when you exercise on a treadmill, we walk or run around the object is stationary, treadmill exercise first will not adopt, resulting in symptoms of dizziness; another reason not to do warm-up exercise. Initial and treadmill exercise just to transition from slow to fast, step by step, allows the body to have a process of adaptation.

14, Multifunctional chair what are functions?

Multifunctional chair is the auxiliary instrument of the dumbbells and barbells, through multifunctional chair dumbbells or barbells can exercise to most of the muscles of the body, and abdominal muscle training of the multifunctional chair can also exercise.

15, Running you can drink water?

Running when the intensity is high, is not drinking. (If you are thirsty, speed can be reduced in the case of breathing, with a small amount of water in many ways is the best.)

16, How do the muscle workout?

Which you would like to exercise? Different sites have different training methods.

17, How children can use the treadmill?

Normal is 18 years of age, but in the care of an adult.

18, Has a ligament injury recovery?

Injuries can be avoided and joint exercise. On the movement of the injured joint is to try to avoid, doctors allowed conditions, can also be static or fitness training.

19, Bad heart what sport relief?

With exercise bike, treadmill, exercise is not too big. Progressive training according to your heart and lung function.

20, Female, strength training will grow big muscles?

Will not. First of all, male and female muscle growth hormone in the body is 10 times, followed by exercise method of different men and women, female strength training using weights several times from several ways of training to increase muscle endurance, tightening the skin, elongating muscles exercise purposes.99%的健身新手都想知道的40个健身问题

21, Comprehensive training can take more weight?

No, the machine part to bear.

22, The difference between rod and Mr Rod?

Rod is the Olympic special rod, enlarge hole dumbbells, dumbbell Pu is a small hole.

23, Rehabilitation which is better (cerebral thrombosis, fractures)?

Cerebral embolism vascular thrombosis is caused due to the body's circulatory system function block through aerobic exercise can improve the functioning of the circulatory system, play a role in the rehabilitation of cerebral thrombosis;

Strictly speaking, the fracture is not training, but under the guidance of qualified coaches, through the power of the fracture muscles were reasonable and appropriate training can play a role in rehabilitation.

24, Hypertension can exercise?

Can exercise, but according to their own level of proper training. Especially in endurance sports. (Experiments show that one-off endurance exercise can lower blood pressure in 5-7mm/Hg and lasted 22 hours. )

25 Why riding a spinning bike legs growing?

This issue is relative, for fat people, cycling training does not make thicker legs, just because the leg muscles thicker skin tightening, mental hint to the people, in fact, when cycling training in, the leg muscles become strong at the same time, fat a little bit of fading.

26, heart rate?

You can also, mainly running machine accessibility.

27, The difference between big bird and Butterfly?

Butterfly is a combination of track equipment, big bird is no track free movement of Telegraph instruments, big bird or to other parts of the strength training.

28, Treadmill and a single function which is better?

Each has its advantages, is mainly look at where you want to exercise? Multifunctional workout place, single function is running.

29, Spinning will not hurt ankle?

As long as it is for normal use, would not be up to the ankle.

30, Horizontal leg exercises bike's reach?

Horizontal cycle is adjustable and can be positioned according to your needs.


31, Roman Chair how to use it?

Rome is exercising our lower back devices, such as, in particular, it is particularly noticeable on our back, Erector spinal exercise.

First body standing on a stool, feet apart, heels on his shield, just stuck in waste hip former guard position for the right. Body straight, place your hands on the ear side can also be crossed at the chest.

Breathing during exercise while keeping the back straight on curved hips, when the upper body and the ground level at the same time, exhale and tighten back up, when standing upright, to complete, to do the next time. During exercise, not at the waist over.

32, Sit-ups and weight, how much right?

Plus, this is mainly look at your workout needs.

33, Elliptic functions and thin legs?

But you have to stick with.

Weight bench under 34, top, flat, what's the difference?

Different parts. (Ramp weight bench chest on obvious training; flat weight bench and outside training is more noticeable in the middle of the chest lower ramp weight bench chest training under the obvious. )

35, Treadmills can practice the arm?

Yes, moving arm moves, but treadmill is to exercise the heart and lungs, if you want to build muscle, then a pair of dumbbells, exercise arm's better.

36, Do aerobic training or do strength training good?

Motion in no particular order, but in general it is best to do strength training, aerobic training after.

37, Emisiji any other features?

Different training actions you can exercise different muscles, such as the bench press (chest), squats (legs, hips), and bent over rowing (back) and so on.

38, The best time to exercise?

General 9:30-11:00 the morning. the afternoon 3:00-5:00 (there are a lot of people like to get up in the morning exercise is unscientific, likely to cause low blood sugar, dangerous. IN contrast, if you exercise too late, it affects the digestion of food and sleep and rest. )

39, Eating long before and after exercise?

Are mostly concentrated in the stomach after eating blood provides oxygen and nutrients to promote gastric digestion after eating the best 1 hour after exercise, at least not less than 40 minutes.

After exercise and blood are also clustered in the limbs, and should not be eating right now at this time, to at least half an hour to eat after a workout.

Before exercise on an empty stomach can eat a little bit of banana, chocolate and other food or drink fruit juice to avoid lack of sugar stored in the body, dizziness, nausea and even muscle spasms occur during training.

40, Strength training method of breathing?

All the strength training strength during exhalation, inhalation during the restore. (This is because the body's core muscles in the abdomen, hard time exhaling will tighten abdominal, core muscle contraction in order to ensure stability of the body, with completion of training actions. )
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