Analysis Of 7 Major Causes Of Cheek Acne In Your Shots

Analysis Of 7 Major Causes Of Cheek Acne In Your Shots

At the early summer, grease, sweat and dirt in the air, likely to cause clogged pores, formation of acne, acne and acne, and tells you how to deal with annoying acne today!

Analysis of 7 major causes of cheek acne in your shots

1, Cheek acne on both sides – hormonal imbalances

Also known as adult acne, especially sexual hormones balanced, both men and women, when too many male hormones in the body when sebaceous glands are overactive and secrete more oil and acne bacteria to multiply, causing inflammation of the pores, and acne is soaring.

2, Cheeks grow acne – skin metabolism is blocked

Outermost layer of the skin tissue, namely, cuticle metabolic cycle is about 28 days, if cleaning is not timely, cannot discharge the secretion of internal pores, cuticle metabolism becomes blocked, finally lead to acne.

3, Cheeks grow acne causes-liver disorders

Chinese medicine cheek acne Detox compensation because the liver and lungs, caused by body heat, and often stays up late, on time and not eating and unbalanced diets and other unhealthy habits has a close relationship.

4, Cleansing is not complete

Skin cleansing is the most basic step skin care, while in the winter, less skin oil secretion, but the skin is exposed to dust or something like that, sooner or later, if cleaning is not complete, or sleep at night, cheek acne is something that often occurs on both sides.

5, Skin too oily

Hereditary oily skin oil secretion, forehead, nose prone to shiny, and large pores. And because the oil secretion, likely to cause clogged pores, causing blackheads, acne, influence the permeability of the skin, so skin is too oily MM, cheeks are also very easily run out.

6 Irregular, rest

Routine irregular, often staying up late, it will easily lead to endocrine disorders, endocrine disorders also cause skin pigmentation, one of the important causes of acne.

7, The skin is too dry

Now approaching winter, the weather is cool, but the air is very dry, skin becomes sensitive to restless in this period, if the skin too much water, the skin itself would produce more oil, too much fat is easy to clog the pores, and acne pimples came.

Acne removal tips

More solutions than problems. Similarly, cheek acne is definitely a method of cure.

1, Good living and eating habits

Body is fresh and cool, dry state as possible, maintain a normal schedule, and don't stay up late, and remain cheerful State of mind, learn to deal with stress and fatigue.

In terms of diet, cheek has acne MM must avoid eating spicy and stimulating foods, such as chili peppers, tobacco, alcohol, coffee and tea, and eat more fruits and vegetables, such as mangos teen, strawberry cool fruits, bananas can eat a bit more.

2, Violet orange peel acne mask

Material: violet flower 15G, fresh orange 2G, high quality flour 1 tbsp. honey, one teaspoon.

Violet flower ground into a powder, mixed with pounded orange peel, then adds flour and honey and warm water tune to a paste, full after cleansing, apply face and rinse after 15 minutes.

3, Clean the surface thoroughly

Winter has arrived, many MM may be hot-water wash, or reduce the number of wash, but you know, wash your face with hot water, will make the skin drier, so sooner or later face the MM best to wash with warm water. And wash your face twice sooner or later must be less, best combined with a mild facial cleanser to clean, would be better.

4, Oil control moisturizing

Some MM skin oil is too much, in fact, is because the skin dry, so don't just control the oil, after washing the best moisturizer for the skin hydrating, moisturizing products the best choice clear.

5, Select a dedicated acne product

MM early and acne, you can choose to suit your skin care products to cure acne, avoid the use of ointments, creams and other acne products that contain hormones, can use that contains salicylic acid, Chamomile, Witch Hazel oil control acne ingredients of skin care products.
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