≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Introduction: some girls to lose weight also spelled, not to eat rice and meat. Would rather go hungry, with hundreds of calories a day of food. It won't make you thin, it will get fat! Lose weight just by eating less, or go on a diet to achieve, but must rely on diet, eating the right foods, eating at the right time.
≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

When it comes to weight loss , we all heard of so-called "pipe mouth, move its leg", diet and exercise are necessary. However, when most of the students set out to lose weight, want to eat less, but don't think of sports.

Why is that? Sports too tired, too boring. Many people have said to me, "When I was at school, hate PE, dying after running a lap. Go to work, with colleagues and friends had a health card, but also training two or three times now hasn’t gone...... "

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

" Dieting is not the same, Ah, I see so many online tutorials, what if an Apple a day, lose 7 pounds in a week, as long as the drink fruit and vegetable juices, can lose 15 pounds in 10 days! I prepare apples, fruit and vegetable juices, lay to the couch after work, eating apples, drinking fruit juice, relax don't lose well, "wait a minute, if the weight loss is so easy, that there fat people? If lying down eating can easily become thin, then why do we need to pursue health and slim figure? Why every year so many relies on fitness to lose weight eating can be born of enterprises?

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Diet can really thin?

In order to understand the effect of dieting to lose weight or did, there have been many bodies, have been tracking long-term physical data of the diet. One study, tracked the dieters weight within five years.

Beginning of the investigation, all subjects are on a diet, daily intake of calories than you eat only apples or drink vegetable juice a little bit higher.

After a period of a low calorie diet, subjects did drop a lot of weight, an average of 21.1 kg, this is a very digital, many shouting students to lose weight, lose 10 kg can all of a sudden, and early flowering!

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Of course, we said this is a tracking program for up to 5 years. As we all know, all subjects of the weight after five years is how to change it? Surprising is that the average weight for all, higher than before dieting or 3.6 kg, and 65% has also been at least one additional dieting!

In other words, diet no help after five years they succeeded in controlling weight, when compared to a diet to lose weight, they average rebounded more than 24.7Kg! After dieting, all the weight is back!

Survey results also show that, with 50%, that is, half the people, compared to the initial weight, rebounded after 5 years greater than 5 kg weight.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Terrible? Basically in all kinds of similar experiments, have found similar results. Data show that all those who diet, and ultimately long (greater than or equal to 4) weight will be restored to before the diet. And there are at least 40% above, a higher weight than dieting before!

Why's that? Not say, lie on the couch and relax can thin one? How one started to slim down, but also complex fat? And complex after the fat, even more than before the diet much? Two important hormones to regulate your weight!

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Our body system, imagine a room with air conditioning. If your weight and fat , and determines the temperature, then your hypothalamus can be likened to adjust the temperature of the air conditioning system, responsible for the maintenance of normal room temperature. You see, now it is late spring early summer, very hot weather outside, we need to leave the air conditioning. Current air conditioning systems are particularly intelligent, you can set up a comfortable indoor temperature, if the room, air conditioning will blow cold winds bring down the temperature.

Assuming your air conditioner has not been open without problems, even if you simply open the window and introduced outdoor breeze, neither hot air, nor will the temperature of this room has a great change. Because air conditioning can return to normal comfort temperature value (of course, if you play bad the air conditioning, the temperature is not well adjusted, in other words, your body will break up . ) The body is the same way, in order to maintain normal operation, the body will think you set your weight in a suitable location, and through the "control system" hormone, to ensure constant weight.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Two kinds of regulation, like air conditioning cooling and heating capacity, also adjust your body into fat and thin adjustment of categories, such as these two-the fat this, called brain-gut peptide; this thing, called lepton.

Lepton cause the body to reduce food intake, increase energy, inhibits the synthesis of fat cells, and weight loss

Brain-gut peptide stimulates hunger, promoting gastric emptying and gastric acid secretion, reducing food intake and weight gain

Two hormones are likely to double regulation, individual value is meaningless! Not that more is better or less is better. But trends in hormone secretion, could explain the problem. ) So what the diet of these two hormones affected?

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Go on a diet, make it easier for your body fat!

In one study, scientists recruited a group of people with high weight on a diet experiment to observe the impact of diet on levels of both hormones.

First of all, they let these people go on a diet for 10 weeks, because the subjects own weight is very large (close to 100 kg), so 10 weeks of dieting effect is very gratifying, in two months’ time, these guys average minus 13 kg.

Meanwhile, scientists have tested the levels of both hormones after these people go on a diet and found that both of these hormones have a great change.

After diet hormone changes because increased appetite, stimulate hunger and accelerating gastric emptying and gastric acid secretion of brain-gut peptides, sharp was up around 50%.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Regulating weight, reduced food intake, inhibiting fat synthesis of lepton, ten weeks after the intervention, a decrease of about two-thirds.

That is to say, through a 10-week diet, subject's weight is reduced. But their bodies are more hungry and want to eat more, more likely to gain weight mode.

(Again, these two hormones are not more is better or less is better, just because they change trends illustrates trends in body fat. )

Many experiments also proved that diet was important factor leading to these two changes.

Brain-gut peptides increased, changes of lepton reduced, representing the full weight of the body in the direction of the trend. Under the influence of these two hormones, your body will start to accumulate fat dramatically, forcing you to eat more food, eat food high in calories, fat as fast as possible.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Dieting makes you fat long!

However, do you think this is over? Sure a lot of people think, just go on a diet like this, because for too long without eating a delicious and Chan, a couple of days later, after normal eating, everything should be back to normal. Here, too sweet, young.

This experiment also tracked for one year, the results show that, a year later, most participants gain them back up. And it's not over, we'll see what we said above that two distinct hormone levels affect body weight. A year later, their ghrelin levels are higher than before the intervention 20%, and lepton levels were one-third lower than before the study began.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

What does that mean? You go on a diet to lose weight after a year, your body for you to eat less meat, to heart. Hypothalamus is continuing to adjust your physical condition, urge you to fat long. And the root causes of all this, just too long back a little because a diet and lose weight on a diet, making you more hungry and want to eat more fat faster .

Scared yet? Your diet way to reduce body weight, as well as no money to loan sharks! Sharking no deadline! As long as you owe him money, Chase you to the ends of Chase you forever! As long as you owe it weight, the body is red eyes forced you to return it! Not only back, but how much weight in case you make! Diet due to the weight, the body will ask you to come back!

In this case, many people must be wondering: if I go on a diet after successful campaigns can do to lose weight? The answer is .

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Diet + exercise, you are done?

A lot of people think, although diet will bounce back, but I'll go on a diet, slim down then keep. Then there is absolutely no problem ~ heard for losing weight, dieting and exercise more, oh, however, you are so sweet girl.

Many researchers are also very concerned about the effects of diet and exercise on body weight. For example two for a four-year study found that weight loss through dieting, even with sports, weight will still back. Though not as good as the last time we introduced the diet survey of horror (no extra movement, five years after the weight 24.7kg,50% weight of the subjects than before dieting 5kg+). However, this also makes one deep sigh, silly not to pull a few of the Festival is the food what .

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

In addition, in the investigation of the effect of diet on hormones and weight gain, researchers try to make weight remains stable, the movement control measures on them.

We said above, participants adopted after 10 weeks of dieting, weight minus the 13kg. But the diet has led to great changes in hormone levels, so that the body becomes very easy fat body.

In order for participants to keep losing weight, within one year after the researchers, make them for 30 minutes a day of moderate-intensity exercise (this exercise is pretty good! ), And will also receive nutrition surveys on a regular basis. Would like to see in this sport, are able to make dieters weight remains stable.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

But the end result as we all know, a year later, participant's weight is still a visible rebound, and hormone levels have not recovered as before.

In other words, even after the diet campaign, still cannot stop your weight! After dieting, even sport, you are also more likely to fat!

As we all know, dieting can lead to lower your basal metabolic rate, this is the reason why dieters easily compound fat and rebounded. Exercise can prevent this trend? From the perspective of various experiments and data, should be very difficult. One study found that the same physical sports such as weight-for-height, and some of these people have to go on a diet, others are eating normally, their basal metabolic rate, Dieter basal metabolic rates are significantly lower than control group 14% more!

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Your basal metabolic rate generally refers to persons in case of resting metabolic rate. The higher the basal metabolic rate, you burn more calories, your body more daily energy; lower the basal metabolic rate, the less energy you need.

Dieter basal metabolic rate lower, mean, may be two groups of people eating the same foods, dieters will be fat, weight without dieting will not change. After lots of friends on a diet, I found myself even ate as before, the result was bounce and complex fat, that is, for this reason.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

Has been on a diet, what should I do?

We did not say above, after the diet, regular aerobic exercise, nor does your basal metabolic rate to increase. Dieter, it did not save?

Not exactly, figures show that, although the combination of diet and aerobic exercise does not prevent loss of basal metabolic rate (lean body mass by 7.8%), but in the diet during high intensity resistance training, can cause increased basal metabolic (16.1%), and there are no reduced lean body mass.

Although it is not clear, does strength training make up for the consequences of diet, but at least, strength training can make a damaged basal metabolic recovery, aerobic training but will keep burning lean body weight, continue to lower your basal metabolic rate.

In other words, after dieting or dieting, if some strength training, can better improve their level have decreased basal metabolism.

So, if you've been unfortunate diet and worry about Basal metabolism reduces too much, resulting in normal diet after weight, it may wish to do some high load strength training to increase their radicals, better stability and help you control your weight.

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

In addition, high-intensity interval training can better promote your basal metabolic rate, suitable for dieting friend used to control weight and improving their base. However, due to the diet itself already consumes a lot of lean body mass, so pure oxygen is not suitable for a diet for a long time friends in recovery stage.


Prolonged periods of oxygen consumption of lean body mass (muscle), and lean body mass is key to maintain high basal metabolic rate and fat burning.

Of course, if you want to have a good body, permanent and effective body weight, in my view, reasonable diet and proper exercise, will suit, Oh ~

Because diet reduces one's Kyi the, after hard exercise to make up, rather than one day to eat enough your basal metabolic rate, and movement, in the movement is bold eat good. To know and exercise combination of reasonable calorie intake, not only let you eat well, but also helps to increase your lean body mass, increase your basal metabolic rate, better weight control and reduced fat!

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

What should be regarded as going on a diet?

But so much, what amounts to a diet?

In fact, this problem, scholars did not have consensus standards. I personally think that normal-weight people, preferably not in the medium to long term period (1 week or more), eat less basal metabolic heat (on the basal metabolic rate this question, we will talk about in greater detail later).

What is a healthy weight? From the most common type of body-mass index BMI values, BMI range between 18-25 generally considered normal weight. What about Basal metabolism what? Friends in the normal weight range, males (assuming 80 kg) daily intake of calories is less than 2000 calories, women (assuming 60 kg) daily intake of calories is less than 1600 calories, eating strategy, basic no what the problem was.

Of course, recommended daily calorie only roughly estimate the value of slightly above or slightly below this value are not too much of a problem, as long as the period of time to maintain a dynamic balance is good, there is say you just 1600 calories a day no problem, but if you ate only 1599 kcal today such things could lead to impaired metabolism.

Then again, rather than carefully through the diet to control it a little bit of heat, it is better to do exercise, then venture to eat well after the training. This works better with weight loss and weight control, shaping and fitness at the same time, also to enjoy life!

 ≠ Eat Less To Lose Weight! Dieting Only Makes You Fat

In the end, is a gives Tiger body earthquake research

Diet in addition to weight loss is invalid, easily double fat or fatter, but there are other hazards . Endocrine issues such as male and female. Yesterday I was busy in doing aerobic exercise looking at the papers, had tired and shortness of breath, mental concentration, only to see an experimental research on dieting, direct me to a tiger body shock .

The experiment goes like this. Researchers asked some subjects in the diet and physical activity case, forcibly reducing body. Finally found the diet for all subjects of endocrine disorders, in which "reduce testosterone to castrate! Lawn mower! Water! All! "" Close to castrate levels of testosterone”

In addition, many dieting to lose weight, reduce very fast girls shoes, should have known felt his great aunt mess or do not come. Diets and rapid weight loss are actually caused by hormonal disorders. So, don't go on a diet, Oh

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