Eat These 8 Oil Drain Food Make You Eat More and Lose Weight

Eat These 8 Oil Drain Food Make You Eat More and Lose Weight

Every holiday fat three pounds, there must be a lot of mm has the same trouble. every festive nature of it is indispensable to have a lot of good, as with small cargo, yang city how could you miss this good opportunity to eat ... love to eat fear of fat that I the entire? Doesn’t worry, the next beautiful network of small series of old teach you a coup. Consumption of 8 kinds of food can help you flush out the water, Oh. Is da stick, practice with small series it quickly.

1, Apple

Popular saying for nearly two years: an Apple a day keeps the doctor away I! Apple is one of the very good fruits, and low in calories. Apple pectin is rich in dietary fiber and pectin is essentially the calories, just from the body through, but every time it through the human body, what will turn away, such as fats, oils and fats. Help me scraping and lose weight at the same time, will also make the skin more bright and lustrous.

PS: said this was on will said has, that I eat finished rice immediately on eat a Apple's, actually without, if you has appetite also can, but meal 2 hours around eat also can, effect is as of, because human digest food, resolve fat to need is long a time. Addition, many people like cut has skin again eat, in here special reminded, Peel among of pectin is most rich of.

2, Papaya

Papaya contains papain enzymes, not only can these papaya enzymes break down protein, carbohydrates, fat, this papaya can be said to be the most important feature of, by breaking down fat to remove cellulite, reduce the mast cells, promote metabolism, excrete the excess fat in a timely manner, so as to achieve weight loss goals! Can whole bowel to aid digestion, treat gastroenteritis, indigestion, the prevention of cancer of the digestive system.

PS: can match meat with cooking, such can makes meat full has papaya of fragrance, also because Papaya Enzyme decomposition protein of role, makes meat of taste more fresh, and let tender meat powder as, more important of is can help we decomposition meat in the of fat, also can help extra fat discharge body outside. Addition, due to papaya of nutrition rich, but heat is very low, than known as low heat of Apple also to low, so also can in meals and meal eat some, also can reached decomposition fat, discharge fat of role.

3, Hawthorn pills

We often in eat more has things, not too good Digest of when eat points Hawthorn pills, because it can help we quickly digest. Because Hawthorn in the contains of CF up to 20%, can promote intestinal Peristaltic. Hawthorn also can increased pepsin activity, by containing of fat enzyme can promote fat decomposition, up to digestion product, and help digest role, in digest meat aspects effect especially explicit with, it also has drop lipid and the blood pressure of role, on prevention cardiovascular disease and the strengthened heart particularly useful. Hawthorn help digest role obviously.

PS: She appetite and digestion, oil and meat dishes in addition to greasy, so meat dishes will be placed at home sometimes do some Hawthorn. in addition, up to 89 mg vitamin c per 100 g of hawthorn, eat meat dish mix Hawthorn can also promote iron absorption. Can some Hawthorn can.

4, Vinegar

Now often has drink vinegar and the fruit vinegar weight loss of, and vinegar also does has this effect. edible vinegar in the by containing of amino acids, not only can decomposition body fat, and also can promote sugar, and protein, metabolism of smooth for, so can up to good of weight loss effect. also, in intake too much of fish, and meat, and fine rice, and bread, food Hour, drink points vinegar can up to help digest of role, vinegar contains volatile sex material and the amino acids,, can stimulus brain nerve center, makes Digest organ secretion large Digest liquid, enhanced Digest function.

PS: ate meat, might as well dip meat in vinegar to go through, fat removal by half. Is in need of attention, diarrhea, hyperacidity, and moderation, not too much, you can take the form of salad in vinegar, the better.

5, Vegetable or salad of bacteria and algae

Each meal to has a salad vegetables or is bacteria algae, its purpose one of is to reduced oil of intake, without hot processing nutrients loss more less, second is can inhibit fat of absorption, also will reduced fat of intake. First vegetables inside of vitamin and minerals are very rich, is we human of main source, again a vegetables in the more contains rich of dietary fiber, can help we discharge fat. Addition salad vegetables can is good of help we balance body acid alkali, if we first eat some salad vegetables, And then the meat, then inhibits a lot of fat into.

PS: recommended two to salad dish: salad heart beauty (radish silk), salad fungus shoots tablets. radish contains spicy components mustard oil, has promote fat class material better to for metabolism role, can avoid fat in skin Xia stacked; Auricular in the contains rich of cellulose and a special of plant collagen, this two species material can promote gastrointestinal Peristaltic, promote intestinal fat food of excretion, and reduced food in the fat of absorption, to prevent obesity; while, due to this two species material can promote gastrointestinal Peristaltic, prevent constipation, Conducive to the timely removal of stool in the body to toxic substances and discharge

6, Zoe

Summer often people drink Zoe solutions summer, actually Zoe most important of role is solutions greasy. Zoe in the of main raw materials ebony, and Hawthorn can effective lifted human body extra greasy, Tangerine also can effective inhibit remaining sugar into for fat. Not only so, Zoe also is an alkaline drinks, drinking Hour has help in the and sugar and fat class of acid effect, accelerated they of metabolism decomposition. So, in meat Shi, you may wish to select a cup homemade of Zoe as solutions greasy of Shang better drinks.

PS: take-out Zoe many have added too much sugar, not too much to drink, but as an alternative to soda and sweetened drinks, and this certainly is the best choice.

7, Barley tea

Barley tea should say is real of "health beverage". With baking fried had of barley made of barley tea, contains human by needed of variety trace elements, and amino acids, and not saturated fatty acids and dietary fiber, sugar of content also very low. Festival this paragraph time of diet more for, greasy, and fried food mainly, several meal down inevitably easy caused food product delay, even fat stacked. And barley tea just has to greasy, and helps digest, benefits gas stomach, of effect. barley tea also has unique of dietary fiber, dissolved Yu tea in the of dietary fiber, In the stomach can be "junk" out of the body, relaxing, healthy, won't bring any excess heat and burden.

PS: you can always drink, replacement of a portion of the water or before dinner and after dinner drink some. During the Chinese New Year remember to drink or not to drink carbonated drinks and sweet beverages, because it's not just the water, high sugar has to be turned into fat in the body, increasing blood lipid concentrations.

8, Porridge

If you worried himself and not carefully eat in has many things, so recommends you prepared some porridge, in meals first drink is, such on can let you no too more of space to eat too much of meat has. While also can avoid first eat meat by caused of protein as energy was waste off, also will increased has many dietary fiber help promote intestinal Peristaltic, help increased full abdominal sense.

PS: porridge of choice according to their own liking, I propose to add whole grain porridge, such as polenta, eight-treasure porridge, oatmeal, purple Sweet Potato porridge, porridge, etc.. Not only rich in nutrition, but also because whole grains rich in dietary fiber gives you a sense of satiety, so that you don't get hungry, but also because more dietary fiber to help you get rid of body fat and junk.
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