Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Now food, many MM cannot withstand, so eat more fat, a thick layer of fat on the tummy, what to wear is not good-looking, slim became the most important thing now. Especially in summer has arrived, around the belly meat troubled sister paper long, following the author teaches you 5 tips, fitness, but also to maintain a good body shape.

1. Eat slowly

Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Appropriate when eating slows eating speed , you can achieve weight loss goals. Researchers believe, the food enters the human body, the body's blood sugar rise, when the blood glucose rises to a certain level, food centers in the brain occur the signals to stop eating. If a person eats too fast, when the signal the brain to stop eating, often as a result of eating too much food.

2. Do aerobic exercise

Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Chronic exercise is aerobic exercise, with low intensity, the rhythmic characteristics, not easy to break, help to reduce the number of fat under the skin, reducing the volume of subcutaneous fat, suitable for digestion and circulation. Such as walking, cycling, jogging, swimming, Tai Chi, and so on.

Requirements are:

A. There is enough participation in outdoor best;

B. must adhere to 30-60 minutes;

C. heart rate less than 150 beats per minute during exercise.

Do not exercise time: hungry, before dinner, before bed. Best time for evening 7-8.

In addition, also insisted exercise at home, such as the squat exercises, jump rope, using chairs to replace wall bars before and after the kick. All in all, principles of exercise to lose weight are to do aerobic exercise, not less than twice a week. Short-term movement does not have a significant effect, a certain confidence, exercise, healthy weight loss goals.

3, Refused to carrot legs, want to have slender legs evenly, try several methods helps to exercise the legs lines:

Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Step walking: take a step, can play a role thigh and hip muscles, reduced shank stress levels.

Wear low heels: high heels are very charming, but too long make excessive compression of calf muscles. Love heels too? Try the low heel 3 cm, but can make you healthier, preferably thick heels.

Wear elastic stockings: takes a long time for a long time people are recommended to wear elastic stockings usually, be helpful for peripheral blood back and leg shape.

Massage: often knead muscles in the legs, can effectively relieve leg fatigue and tension, and also can be used with slimming lotion, faster elimination of edema.

Leg 20 minutes a day: easy to make long standing or sitting poor leg circulation, leg 20 minutes before going to bed every day, can help the flow of blood.

4. Eating healthy fruit drink.

Diet to eliminate fries, Midnight snack, especially the "fussy" experience. "Eat your vegetables will steer clear of leaves, picked leaf stalks, so that leaves absorb excess oil, soup try not to drink soup." Recently held in Sonya on April 25 "Night Revels of Platinum," "I'm a singer" Danni Li popularity wangtanweiwei and founder of light plastic, actor on hand to cheer friends close interaction and to attend the banquet. Also let plastic body drinks again fire has a put, by thin body ebony + beauty of France blue Berry for main formula, to heat combustion agent knock powder, for accessories of pure natural plastic shaped fruit drink light plastic, is a paragraph to achieved women health beauty for original of pure natural fruit drink, not only achieved has light body Detox of effect, powerful of fat burning function more makes of both has low frequency has oxygen movement of effect. Revolutionary body sculpting recipes, diet for obesity feature, from the root block excess sugar into fat, achieve the objective of reduced fat shape. Plum, ebony, has powerful Detox, constipation, reduce oil, body contouring, skin beauty effect. Blueberries, black raspberries, with meal, satiety, antioxidant, and vitamin supplements, and so on. Kona powder, and increased gastrointestinal motility, increase satiety, and burn fat.

5. Good use of their spare time to do yoga to slim effect

Five Light Plastic Body Spent June Days Make You Happy

Yogic slim is a hard fact, but how do you do your best to slim down? First of all, the best time to take Yoga: 18:00-20:00 because the temperature is highest at this time, thus the muscles more flexible, durable hard games a breeze.

Followed step by step, master correct methods: step by step for a yoga practice success, must also grasp the correct methods. Yoga is a complete scientific system, although not everyone can be perfect all of the yoga poses, but surely they can grasp the essentials of Yoga practiced without difficulty. Every step of yoga practice caution and no haste, to breathing during exercise, movement to try to soothe, to maintain the overall balance.
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