Got The Hang Thin Waist, A Wayward Small Waist Lean!

1, Bent upward:

If it is difficult for you to do sit-ups, then change to do the bending movement can also, equally effective, and easier than crunches do. Lie on your back on the floor, put his hands in jobs on both sides of the body. Only use your abdominal muscles to lift your hips off the ground, while firmly affixed to the arms and shoulders on the floor. Keep the posture unchanged for a few seconds and then gently put the body back to the floor.Repeat 15-20 minutes.

Got The Hang Thin Waist, A Wayward Small Waist Lean!

2, Yoga:

Yoga is suitable for every types of level one. Fully bathed in yoga is a pleasant thing, especially for the benefits of belly is very much, because while doing yoga is done using your abdominal breathing is a process. Besides Yoga exercises on training very helpful--have a beautiful shape but have a flat stomach!

3, If it is only full of bubbles:

If this is the case, then there are plenty of ways to keep a more slender waist, can work well even in the night. Carbonated drinks with water, chewing slowly, taking pre and Pro products, so that you can effectively change your coliform, which reduces abdominal bloating.

Got The Hang Thin Waist, A Wayward Small Waist Lean!

4, Abdomen exercise:

This is very simple, especially when you're feeling lazy to do exercise. Just keep your belly can, and when you walk, or waiting for the bus, you can do. This pose can help you manage the abdomen flat.

5, Toes:

If you get bored of sit-ups, try this exercise. Lying on the floor, arms straight up toward the ceiling. Slowly lift yourself, so that your hand closer to the toe-if you can, just good enough to your toes. And then return to start position. But we must take in order to fully stretch your muscles. Repeat 15~20 times.

Got The Hang Thin Waist, A Wayward Small Waist Lean!

6, The fat out:

Rhythms of dance in all its forms is to burn fat and calories a good way. Can burn 400 calories an hour. Dance is also a workout for waist. Salsa, ballroom, belly dance, was particularly effective.

7, Do sit-ups:

Yes, you know, it's the old way, but lying down, continue curling the body stretches, really very useful to relieve physical relaxation. If other methods are not quick, you might consider every 10-15 minutes of sit-ups. Remember to put your hands by your ears, rather than in the back of your head, so you don't strain your neck or back.


8, With a fitness ball in place of your Chair:

Maybe you think this is a bit silly, but sitting on a fitness ball rather than on daily sedentary chairs watching TV; however it is very good for strong your belly when you have to use your muscles, especially your stomach muscles to balance the body sat on the ball.

9, Continues to do sit-ups and twist the body:

Once you do sit-ups persist for some time, you'll find that easier to do, don't give up and don't do more, but another way to do it. Keep your hands on the ear side, slowly lift the body up and then bend your body--from the waist to start, not from your back or shoulders-and try to reach your opposite elbow knee, and so on, using your right elbow to your left knee. Release the restore to your original position. Doing, stick to 10~15.

10, Check your posture:

Want to keep the stomach flat, and you want to keep your back strong. Because the muscles around your waist and also supports your spine and stand up straight, keeping your back and stomach muscles taut.

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