Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Since computers become essential tools for white-collar jobs, sits on more than 10 hours a day, to avoid low back pain , and exercise too little, the health situation is deteriorating, as time passes, the spine too much pressure, how to sit and stand in uncomfortable. Don't take lightly the spine health! Take some time to practice your yoga; yoga can help you to restore spinal health.

White collar work sitting in an Office, it will inevitably be a problem; the reason is because not being seated properly. When you realize that your spine discomfort occurs, does reflect on you always maintains the following incorrect sitting posture for a long time?

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Forward, sitting at his desk: spine "pressure Alexander"

People who work for a long time sitting in a Chair, posture is probably one of the longest days in the position. Sometimes people will in began Shi select right of posture: sits, only waist by in chair back Shang, but reading, and wrote, and finishing material Shi, unknowingly on will upper body forward pour and bent, such of posture feel seems to comfortable some, actually on spine of pressure than stretched straight has back sat Shi also to big, most powerful of evidence is data--stretched straight back sat Shi spine pressure is 110 (to natural stands Shi spine bear burden index for 100 as benchmark), and Qian flexor sat is has may reached 166.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Straight back: pressure is twice times the body weight

Studies have shown, is sitting on a backless Chair (upper body strain), about twice times the pressure on lumbar spine weight. In other words, can sit back Chair, never sit back Chair. If you are sitting on a chair with no back, at about 20 ° tilt forward, because ABS does not need hard back muscles must be like a taut bow, pull the entire upper body, the posture of "lumbar" is 3 times the weight of the pressure times. Of course, here the back muscle injury, not because of pressure, but because of prolonged contraction. And also is sitting on a chair with no back, completely relaxed sitting posture, spinal pressure but will small, and 92.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Torso flexion: is bad for lumbar spondylolisthesis

With or without backs, regardless of whether the body forward, as long as he is supporting, will reduce the pressure on the spine. For example, when sitting on the floor or on a Kang mat, it is customary to upper body bent forward, this posture is bad for the lumbar spine, but if you hold your hands or elbows on the thighs, decompression, to 86.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

General laziness: spine bearing halves

In all postures, rather let a sitting method is the spine of "laugh", it is lazy, which is bogged down in the Chair body, ass fully into position, back completely, and spinal pressure is 54.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Best position: Chair back tilts 120 °

United States and the United Kingdom and Canada experts through their research findings, backrest back 135 ° posture and lumbar pressure minimum. However, 135 ° seat easy to slide down from the Chair, so experts recommend adjust the seat back angle to the back 120 degrees are preferred.

If the computer cannot be completed while in this position, low back and hip it depends entirely on the back of the Chair, in order to avoid the upper body leaning forward, as far as possible near the desk chair, or even put them on her desk, may when the Chair is too high on the foot pad a footstool. Most avoid hips sit around in front of the Chair 1/2 place, as most tired back. When sat on, sit in the back pad a cushion against the wall or against the wall after sitting, legs curled up.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Spine health problems will be treated, these yoga poses to help you with you’re remodeling of spinal health.


① left back down to shoulder, hand back between shoulder blades.

Secondly, right hand above her head, rotating shoulder hand backward and bending the elbow.

③ hands fingers behind buckles.

④ If you feel difficult, you can pull a towel between hands and slowly practice until his hands could hold. Keep 3~5 a breath. Fance change practice.

Function: flexible shoulders, relieving neck and shoulder tension. Helps the upper body lymph circulation, for women can reduce breast disease.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

-Spinal twist

① bent left leg lateral heel near the right hip.

② like curling his legs as the right leg, step on the outside of the left thigh.

③ right behind, and pushed to make straight our spine.

Black-left hand bend the elbow and placed on the outer side of his right knee, fingers outstretched.

⑤ inhale slowly straighten your back, exhale let your left elbow to slowly push his right leg began to reverse. Keep 5~10 a breath. For practice in the opposite direction.

Effect: this reverse force can release the back tension and pressure, let our entire back down and through deep breathing, you can also adjust the digestive system and relieve constipation .

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Shoulder exercises (a)

① exhale hands behind them finger fisting.

II exhale hands drive the shoulders sink.

③ inhale again you can try try to raise his hands.

④ keep back arm straight, exhale slowly bend stretches neck muscles. Keep 5 breathing.

Effect: this exercise can help us effectively open the chest, makes breathing more, and tighten the muscles of the back, increasing the flexibility of shoulder joint.

5Rebuilt spine the yoga can help you 5

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

Shoulder exercises (b)

① Select a comfortable posture, turn five fingers crossed palms, inhale while your hands towards the sky, stretching his arm.

② due up, inhale, to look towards the back of the eye, to ease pressure of the cervical spine.

③ shoulders to try to stay relaxed, stay away from ears.

④ breathing feel as if we yawn, let the whole upper body stretched as far as possible. Keep 5 breathing.

Effect: the shoulders, you can very well stretch on both sides of the waist line, open arm, make our lymphatic circulation more fluently.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You


① sitting, hands on your hips on the floor at the rear.

② Bend legs, heels close to the buttocks as possible.

③ then inhale, straight back, and slowly find the sitting balance.

④ legs off the ground slowly, beginning practice can bend your knees, familiar with straight legs with both hands, makes the body forming a "v" shape. Keep 3~5 breathing

Efficacy: in many cases low back pain from weak abdominal muscles, this action can enhance the core strength, have established very good sense of balance and promote gastrointestinal peristalsis.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You


① squatting on the floor, legs slightly splayed feet, knees open, and toe alignment.

② hands across his chest, two stands the knees on either side of the medial elbow respectively, make the parted knees.

③ inhale gently up the chest. 5-10 breathing.

Efficacy: appropriate open hips, lower back and hips to relieve pressure from sitting, prevention of ischial nerve pain. Women can also relieve menstrual pain and pressure.

Healthy Spine Remodeling These Yoga Can Help You

The double angle

① open my legs and shoulder width apart.

② inhale your hands over your head, then breathe his hands on his hips.

③ exhale slowly leaned forward and put his hands in his own just below the shoulder.

④ suction head legs and back elongate, if the problem can be slightly bent knees or hands down two pieces of the block.

⑤ breathe slowly relax the back bent hands down the body. Keep 5~8 a breath.

Effect: stretch at the back of the body as a whole, release tension and fatigue on the back, legs and slender, hip to restore elasticity. Back in the traditional Chinese medicine is the urinary bladder, is our body excretes waste channel, stretch the meridians can promote the metabolism of the body.
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