How To Eat To Lose Weight? The 5 Places You Do NOT Sit

How To Eat To Lose Weight

Sometimes fat is not just because you eat too much, but the location has a lot to do with you having lunch with, some places will let you unknowingly eat more food, which is fundamental to cause you to gain weight.

Standing in the kitchen

Dang you stick in kitchen in enjoy do of food Shi, usually will not consciously of eat more food, especially Dang you of Cabinet or refrigerator in the put full food Shi, we usually will unconscious of from took out more of food to eat, such also hard let you realized that you what eat into has how many, if you really of hungry has, best of method is prepared appropriate of weight put in Bowl or plate in, sat in table Qi an slowly enjoy they.

In the car

To save time on select in car Shang eat things is not a good idea, because environment of limit, you only eat some high heat of garbage food, and Dang you side eat side drive Shi, you will speed up eating speed, not only on stomach bad, also will affect you of drive. If you only select in car Shang solution dinner problem, that on as select some low fat of health small food added physical,, free zhihou in to restaurant eat meal nutrition delicious of dinners.

On your desk

For kick of work family for, if task more and heavy, many will select gave up lunch break, directly in desk Qi an solution off lunch, this way with in car Shang eat lunch is similar, you of attention are in work Shang, and no note to you eat has what, and you will in a few minutes Bell within gobble of put food eat, at you of brain and not perception to you eat full has, instead will let you think also is hungry, to eat into more of garbage food.

In front of the TV

Television ads would flood the tantalizing pizza, burgers, nachos, wings, desserts and advertising, exquisite images and seductive fragrance makes you accessible, regardless of day or night you see will make it difficult to control appetite, Midnight snack. Going to the kitchen to get the whole bag of chips, ice cream and chocolate bars back on the sofa and continued to eat? These high calorie foods can make your weight loss plans fail.

On the bed

In bed Shang eat may will let many people think easily and free, but actually in bed Shang eat things and is pieces good, you will is blind of eating, also easy lane dirty sheets, and if you eat of had full words, also has may because bloating and to sleep, if Dang you bed zhihou really of was hunger words, on eat is fresh of fruit added physical good has.
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