How To Resist The Desire To Eat At Night

How To Resist The Desire To Eat At Night
Do you also have had this experience? Thinking "is to eat sweets, eat immediately immediately", then ate ......

Again simulate a specific situation: the weather was very cold great day's work a little exhausted, but still have a lot of variety of work to do. This time, I felt a great time munching chocolate to.

So, you ransacked the kitchen and refrigerator, and then think of it but feel, how it did not resist the temptation?

In fact, do not be too self-blame, into the kitchen at night, is not a person you: one study, participants were 42 percent of daily caloric intake was after dinner.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

Now we need to know is how to solve this problem?

On metabolism, the best night to eat too much bad - nowhere to consume extra calories, so it will stay in the body. Then take a look at the following points:

1, High-fiber foods to eat dinner, not a high heat.

High-fiber foods make you not feel hungry until the next morning.

High-fiber foods are there?

Fiber-rich foods are wheat bran, corn, rice, soybeans, oats, buckwheat, wild rice, celery, bitter gourd, fruit.

But not because of eating high-fiber foods ate much better. Proper diet principles are: to reduce fat intake, an appropriate increase in the proportion of vegetables and fruits to maintain nutritional balance.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

2, Good dining environment

People are always very vulnerable to the external environment, the dinner as well. Studies have found that some hidden factors also affect our eating habits, such as relaxing environment to help slow down the speed of eating, increase satiety.

If we stood in a playful musical place to eat, we might eat more slowly. If we are in a very bright place, surrounded by an explosive fast-paced music, we are likely to eat faster. This is because the more relaxed dining environment will increase the dining satisfaction, reduce food intake, can effectively control the diet to reduce caloric intake.

In addition, the plate size also can affect appetite. One study found that, if the increase in the weight of a fast-food pasta, people's appetite will become larger.Although these people eat more things, but the feeling of satiety and weight increase before there is no difference. Provide more food, diners feel full time more late. This shows that the food component may affect hunger and satiety. Therefore, the best time to use a small meal component tray loaded food. At a restaurant, try to choose smaller dishes, or more please a few friends. When eating snacks, drinks and desserts, the best advance into smaller parts, avoid eating too much time.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

3, Suitably flavored

Sauces containing fats and oils, you can extend the time to digest, reduced emptying of the stomach flu, so you between the meal and the meal will not be easy to feel hunger, naturally not too much food intake outside meals. In addition to the right amount of sauce can make food taste more delicious, but also allows your brain to get a larger sense of satisfaction, not because it is not enough to pay for food to lose weight and influence mood, clever make good use of sauces, choose low-calorie health sauces, but can make you more happy thin oh.

4, A little late for dinner, but never more than nine points.

This also makes you not feel hungry until the next morning, of course, breakfast is a must eat.

5, Brush your teeth immediately after a meal boycott appetite

Meal to eat Qicheng eat, brush your teeth immediately after a meal, not only makes your teeth healthier, but also suppress your appetite after a meal, whenever you want to eat something, implying that he should have been brushing up. Mint-flavored toothpaste with the best efficacy stop hunger. In addition, remember to brush your teeth brush the tongue. Tongue to see, the above is not covered with a layer of white 舌胎, careful this could be one of the culprits causing increasing your appetite days. Often alcohol, eating processed foods, flavors, people, Shetai phenomenon seriously than people eating light, which represents less saliva secretion, low sensitivity to the taste buds, eat more feel satisfied and eat enough alkaline enough oil to are met, it is prone to the phenomenon out of control appetite.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

6, Slowly sipping a cup of hot tea or drink a glass of skim milk and then, or a glass of tomato juice.

Thick, and you will have a better sense of satiety.

7, Eat something to drink a glass of water

Drink plenty of water so that the mouth and stomach after feeling something, moisture can hold up stomach space, reduce hunger, slow slow eating impulses. In addition, water can fill the stomach, so reducing food intake. Also drink plenty of water it is also beneficial to detoxification.

You'll snacks night? What to eat? There are a good way to control appetite in the evening it? Come and share with you!

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

8, Pressing ear acupuncture can control appetite

The body's acupuncture points like one agency, there are a few points is the center of the brain that controls appetite and connected to stimulate those points can reduce the appetite, to achieve weight loss on the ear. Peltier principle of Chinese medicine to lose weight, that is the case. If you do not want to go to the hospital, at home own press can also help you lose weight too.

Control hunger: hunger point index finger right ear for one minute, for the left ear to do the same action.

Principle: When the stomach to control appetite in the hypothalamus issue "I'm hungry" signal, the people will have the desire to eat, and press the corresponding points can play a role to prevent signal transmission.

Avoid emotional eating under pressure: the right thumb and index finger pinching the door of God, for a minute, and then change the left ear to do the same action.

Principle: Too many times people eat, not the body really needs, but the pressure dictates. God pressed the door to appease the body, reduce stress, stimulate the appetite so nerves to relax.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

10 Kinds of food to help you suppress appetite

1. Avocado

The avocado is considered a nutritional treasure. It contains a lot of single beneficial to human health unsaturated fatty acids, fat can increase satiety, and not readily stored as body fat, so eating avocado will make you hungry for a long time, and then lose weight. 2014 published in the "Journal of Nutrition" on the results of a study showed that: eat lunch half avocado people to dinner hunger will be significantly reduced.

2. Black pepper

Added half a teaspoon of black pepper in the meal can play a role in weight loss, it is because pepper contains a compound called piperine, can inhibit the formation of fat cells. In addition, other studies have shown that: eating spicy food can promote metabolism, increase basal metabolic energy consumption, let the body burn more fat, especially the accumulation of fat in the abdomen.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

3. Apple

October 2014, published in "Food Chemistry" on the results of a study showed that: eat an apple a day not only to prevent a variety of diseases, but also has the effect of weight loss. This is because Apple is rich in dietary fiber and polyphenols, which can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut, save "potbellied" you.Raw apple a day 2 to 3 can play a role in weight loss, cook and eat will destroy its polyphenols.

4. Almonds

Just the right amount of food, such tasty nuts in shaping the abdominal muscles will play a very great role. Almonds contains large amounts of dietary fiber and unsaturated fat, this combination can reduce people's desire for snacks throughout the day. A small piece of fruit almonds and eat together, can increase your feeling of fullness, and not eat too much.

5. Berries

Berries are rich in natural antioxidants and dietary fiber can extend satiety. In addition, the berries contain carbohydrates in the body easily converted into fat, but as energy to burn. Blueberries for decomposition of abdominal fat can play a particularly good results.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

6. Cod

This high quality white fish protein contained in the human body to make take longer to break down, thereby reducing hunger.

7. Asparagus

This dietary fiber contained in green vegetables can delay gastric emptying time; in addition, it can serve as a barrier to prevent excessive blood sugar into the blood, thus avoiding the accumulation of abdominal fat and insulin resistance.

8. Cheese

2011 published in the "Journal of Nutrition" on the results of a study show: consumption of protein-rich dairy products helps to reduce weight while increasing lean muscle. Dairy contains two key nutrients: whey protein and calcium. Whey protein contains a large amount of leucine, this amino acid can stimulate the formation of new muscle protein. For weight loss, calcium plays an important role. It helps flush fat in the intestine, which means that the total amount of fat absorbed by the body decreased.

How to resist the desire to eat at night!

9. Pine nuts

Research in the United States Federation of Experimental Biology annual meeting show that: half a teaspoon of pine nut oil (equivalent to a handful of pine nuts) may delay the people's desire to eat at least four hours, can suppress the body's appetite.

10. Salmon

Published in "Cell Metabolism" results of a study show: monounsaturated fatty acids contained in salmon can prolong satiety, reduce hunger, reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat. (Source: CFP)

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