Massage body three mistakes you must avoid to the Oh

Massage breast three mistakes you must avoid to the Oh

With the development of society, people's aesthetic began undergoing tremendous change, and now people pay more attention to the aesthetic appearance, especially the beautiful body curve.Women's S-shaped curve is a measure of the standard of female beauty, but this beauty is mostly flat chest to obliterate, so breast, also known for hot topics. Especially breast massage, breast massage but there are contraindications, Three Mistakes of understanding of breast massage to prevent breast touching the area.

Breast massage Three Mistakes you must avoid oh

Misunderstanding: massage force is too large

Many women also often make the mistake, the greater the force that massage around the breast, the more obvious the breast will be more strong and flexible. But they tend to neglect the breasts and other body extremities are not the same, the external skin and the internal structure of the breast is very soft and delicate.

Because breast naturally more delicate, with too much force can easily get hurt breast massage breast, and sometimes some of the bruises tend to be difficult to find inside the breast. Massage to no effect, not breast Breasts, also caused damage to the breast will be too late.

Myth: massage too many times

The right amount of the right breast massage breast is very helpful, it is well known thing. However, since some women mistakenly thought breast massage so useful, they do not need to spend money on their own massage, take a lot of massage. In fact, anything else, pay attention to fit as well, breast massage, too.

Massage breast three mistakes you must avoid to the Oh

For example, the provisions of a regular massage massage moves like a massage 10 times, but if you covet a massage effect 30 times, 40 times, then not only may not reach massage effect, there may be add to the burden of the breast the impact would be more harm than good breast health.

Error massage

Typical error: I heard that this method of breast massage is the longer the best, the massage, the greater the massage intensity, chest increases.

Health Comments: chest massage can enhance the flexibility of ligaments, so as to achieve compaction full effect. But if it is strong for a long time to massage the breast, it can cause loose, it may take shape. Causing abnormal enlargement; and if just pat down or massage will only make breasts smaller. The correct method of massage should be painted on the breast massage cream, then circled up along the breast tissue. Every time we massage to the end of the ligament, massage cream until all absorbed. Weekdays do chest movement is also conducive to the chest bodybuilding, time in bed doing the shoulder and elbow inverted, can also play a good effect.

Right breast tricks:

  1. After the bath, apply the right amount of breast care products such as natural breast cream on the   inside.
  2. with the pulp around the chest up shot slip, the supremacy of the chest, neck position, repeated several times.
  3. His hands alternately use four fingers of the pulp, from bottom to top in the chest rhythmically tapping around.
  4. The tiger's mouth with both hands placed on both sides of the breast, squeezing and pressing hard forward.
  5. The use of small pulp side, namely on the outside of the chest, below the medial repeatedly pressing.
  6. I believe in the breast this way, we can be good friends, keep you away from the pain!
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