Professional Women The Best Way To Lose Weight

Modern career women have a slim figure, but busy with work, chores, and tight pace of life. Encounter some troubles, food relief, seeking spiritual solace;

Modern career women have a slim figure, but busy with work, chores, and tight pace of life. Encounter some troubles, food relief, seeking spiritual solace; before you know it people gained a lot. Working women wanted to adjust their posture, reduced lean body, find the womanly curves.

Professional Women The Best Way To Lose Weight

Professional women are reasonable weight-loss method should start with physical activity. Career women for physical movement thin body Shi, to consider to himself of physiological characteristics, except conducive to thin body weight loss outside, also to through physical movement to strengthening body physical and body of durable force, while through movement strengthening pelvic muscle, and abdominal muscle of power, for keep within genital of normal location and prevention women disease (as uterine off vertical, and uterine location not normal) are great benefits.

Slim physical activity for women from age and my hobbies are selected. Young professional women may choose to distance running, swimming, aerobics, dancing, and gym aerobics, middle-aged women may consider walking, aerobics, Mulan Boxing, baduanjin, etc, especially walking weight loss is most appropriate. According to the researchers who conducted a monitoring of some walking exercise study found about 45 minutes after dinner, at 4.8 km per hour 20 minute walk, calories faster, if they can 2-3 hours and then take a walk after dinner, for about 20 minutes, slimming effect. In addition, commute time available ladder slimming fit method for the modern career woman, this is a very good choice, which can save time and have good weight loss effects.

Professional Women The Best Way To Lose Weight

Professional women in physical exercise to slim at the same time should also pay attention to proper diet, limit foods high in fats and sugars. Diet is primarily depends on the degree of body fatness. For moderately obese people, in addition to the normal three meals a day, fitness slimming exercise, principally to restrict extra snacks. Once every half month weight and weight gains and changes in diet. If the results are not so good, can reduce staple in three meals a day, eating more vegetables, fruits, weight 1.5 kg a month, until the normal standards. Moderately obese and moderate obesity women much appetite with hyperthyroidism, and greedy oil greasy, high-sugar foods. Obesity itself limiting physical activity, resulting in a vicious circle. Obese people who intend to slimming, first determined, then severely restricted food intake, low-calorie foods instead of high calorie foods, significantly reducing the amount of staple food. If you usually eat fewer start with the daily reduction of 100~150 g, eating larger amounts, starting from the daily reduction of 150~250 g; later adjusted according to body weight, to lose 2 kilograms per month for the degree. Early due to water salinity and loss of weight are more obese people cannot adapt, therefore, also be plans to extend some time slimming, adapted, in order to effect stability.

Career women in thin body weight loss process in the, to guarantee body organization organ protein nor was consumption, food in the protein of content must guarantee, General daily photo people protein should many Yu standard weight each kg 1 grams, while also to complement required of vitamin and inorganic salts, in food select Shang, daily best not repeat, lean, and fish, and chicken leg, and eggs, and soybean products and containing sugar points less of vegetables, and fruit can as staple alternative products. Conditioning of menopausal women to pay special attention to diet and nutrition, due to changes in menstruation, anemia often occur. , And then in the diet is best to choose a large number of high quality proteins such as lean meat, fish, eggs, milk, soybeans and their products. Second choice of iron, copper, zinc-rich foods such as liver, oysters, shellfish, spinach, Brassica napus, daylilies, apples, grapes, dates, tomatoes, carrots BY, peaches, oranges, strawberries, mushrooms, seaweed, etc.

In addition, some contains vitamin-rich foods, such as brown rice, corn. Buckwheat, peas, cucumber, garlic, green pepper and other menopausal women also have an important role. Tends to make the SLIM is upset that there is hunger, solution is to increase the amount of vegetables, fruit, and drink plenty of water.

.Professional Women The Best Way To Lose Weight

Slimming diet control on the one hand, consuming too much fat at the same time, must pay attention to prevent the formation of new, unwanted fatty tissue. Therefore, strictly limit absorption into the body fat in the food ingredients is very important. So too much starchy or sweet foods, such as potato starch, almond, sweet potato, tea, jam, candy, etc, you should try to eat less; fatty foods such as walnuts, peanuts, sesame seeds and a variety of animal oil, butter, fried food, pastry, must not eat. Food should not be too salty, due to sodium chloride in salt and other ingredients, water retention in the human body, "retaining" weight, according to a survey of 320 cases of diabetes and obesity in the 30.31% of people associated with eating salty. Menopausal women due to dysfunction of the autonomic nervous function and cerebral cortex, increased blood pressure, dizziness, palpitation and insomnia symptoms occur, and should pay more attention to eating less salt in the diet, do not eat pungent foods such as wine, coffee, tea, pepper, not to smoke.

Scientific weight loss diets, and not as good as many professional women would like, 1-2 months to get the weight down to normal. Quick diets bad for human health, dieting and exercise subtly together, slimming effect will be significant and lasting.

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