Simple Weight Loss Yoga 5 Moves To Restore Perfect Body

Simple Weight Loss Yoga 5 Moves To Restore Perfect Body


1. Lie on the floor, limbs fly and abdomen;

2. Leg between a yoga ball, limbs extended outward;

3. Exhale, yoga ball, raised his arms and legs and chest, making it empty, hold for 10 seconds, exhale slowly recover relax;

4. A breath as a group, do groups as much as possible in a minute, but you want to keep your movement’s slow-speed as much as possible.


Act II: a cock

1. Feet, inhale stretched out his arm, keeping with hip-width;

2. Exhale, lift one foot and align it with the other foot is vertical, keeping foot posture;

3. The abdomen to be near the spine, remain motionless, breathe 5 times, changing leg continues to do;

4. Repeat the action in one minute.


Three: Pilates mat swimming

1. The arm extended forward, the neck, keeping with a straight spine, limbs and breasts dangling;

2. start "you" when a unit on the left arm and right leg, while driving up, and so on, alternating with right arm and right leg movements;

3. The action hold on a minute, best not too fast, keeps it slow.


Action four: knee movement

1. with dumbbells in each hand, legs slightly forked, and hip distance apart, keep your knees bent, leaning forward, keep your back parallel to the ground, arms sagging, and shoulder-width apart;

2. exhale, bent arm, pulled the dumbbell toward your chest, pay attention, keep the arm still, moving arm; exhale, put down the weights, leaving hands hang, a curved bend for a group;

3. Minutes completed many sets as possible.


Act five: arch bridge

1. Laid the body, hands at the sides;

2. Straighten your abdomen, which vacated months 12 cm high;

3. The right leg bent, down on the floor, legs and hips 90 degrees to the left, down the hips upward elevation;

4. Take turns the legs, one by one.

Wants to save variant figure, may wish to exercise upper body sculpting yoga, practicing in accordance with method to help you create a good shape to create the perfect curve.

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