Summer Lumpy Enlargement Will Affect Development?

Summer Lumpy Enlargement Will Affect Development?

Summary: The summer in recent years, increasing number of students keen to do plastic surgery, of which 70% is to select the enlargement. Enlargement is already a very mature technology in clinical surgery, but summer student lumpy enlargement, will have on the growth and development of their effects? Here we see what industry experts say.

Double eyelid surgery sounds like a minor operation, but do double eyelid surgery is very difficult, for two reasons: first, if you are not suited for double eyelid, even get hand and skillful doctors, do not look good; second, the double eyelid technical requirements for doctors is very high.
1. Students do double eyelid will not affect development? How to tell if a person is not suitable for double eyelid?
In addition to some corrective surgery, minor try not to have plastic surgery. Elementary and middle school students are in the developmental stages of the body, and many parts are not fully formed, so some plastic surgery is not suitable for minors under the age of 18. If you are 18 years old, 18-year-old student has developed the eye shape; double eyelid surgery does not affect development. Double eyelid surgery is a routine and technical operation projects extremely double eyelid surgery involves only the eyelid tissue, does not involve the eye, so it will not directly affect the vision.

Suitable for double eyelid surgery the following conditions:

Bubbles to the naked eye: the eyes looks swollen, he had no energy. Through surgery, removal of thick fat, upper eyelid, and double eyelid surgery, the entire people and renew.

Eye slits are narrow: crack eye refers to the distance between the eyes; eyes cracking little will look smaller eyes. This happens in front of the double eyelid surgery, you need to first open the inner corner and the outer corner, and eye is big and bright.

Mild trichinosis: some single eyelid eyes, drooping lashes to the eyes looks dull, sometimes lashes will get in the eyes. Through the double eyelid surgery, can make the eyelashes up growth.

Eyes wide open: it belongs to the muscle dysfunction, surgically restore muscle function, and also do double eyelid surgery, postoperative whole person.

Double eyelid asymmetry: two double eyelid of the eye one large and one small, asymmetrical, and looked uncomfortable. Through the double eyelid surgery can make eyes symmetrical, more aesthetic. Double eyelid surgery can make the eyes of the young, and to young people, you can make your eyes more distinctive, PTOSIS, and after eyelid surgery can help alleviate eye discomfort, increase eye vision.
2. The common method of double eyelid: incision and catgut respectively suitable for what kind of person do?
Chinese eyes for Mongolian eye, most typical of performance is Septet + eyelid bloated (orbital across fat more) + within canthus filler skin, for this three a problem, if eyes skin not more, and not thick, eye not swollen, on with buried line method; if eyes skin many is thick, on only with cut method, put orbital across fat took off, to not bloated. According to their different situations, selecting the appropriate surgery.
3. A serious bug-eye even if cutting double eyelids are not obvious is it?
In cosmetic surgery, eyelid is really difficult. If TA is a very serious bug-eye, the good doctor finished, looks fake.
4. Double eyelid how to minimize the scarring?
Scars are surgical in theory can avoid problems, as long as the skin incision, the repair process, will leave a scar, but through delicate operations, suture, the improvement of devices, fully able to do skin watch without a trace.

If the plastic surgeon to international standards to themselves, can do "no trace".
5. How soon after the enlargement effect best?
A skilled plastic surgeon, according to very good aesthetic standards (ARC, depth, width) double eyelid surgery, after surgery or need a recovery process. Early postoperative eyelid arc is very hard and very red, the eyes are at odds, and after swelling was natural, take 3-6 months.
6. Failed to double eyelid is a very popular spot, but what kind of double eyelid is failing?
Success and failure are relative, and relating to the required standard of beauty.

If you have folds of the eye is called the double eyelid, called success that past decades do double eyelid; and if measured by modern standards – double eyelids natural shape, and the match and the whole race, culture, features, that's a lot of double eyelid surgery is a failure.
7. The eyelid fails to repair there is no "best time"? Fix the key point is what?
SCAR before they can be repaired, usually in the 3-6 months after surgery to repair, but the exact time and personal health-related, and some people will take a long time. After the failure of some beauty in double eyelid surgery worry, repaired in a short time, should try to persuade in scar repair period, if during the repair of SCAR, SCAR will become more and more powerful, more badly. Eyelid repair surgery have higher requirements for technology, the key point is to make wound small, sewn fine, postoperative wound healing time is short, fast recovery, swelling fast, double eyelid arc smooth, naturalness eye-high.
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