Time Back You Just Do Quick Breakfast Nutrition Diet

Time Back You Just Do Quick Breakfast Nutrition Diet

Oatmeal and egg rolls are really everyone loves breakfast options, but summer comes, the weather hot, who are willing to stand beside the stove only ten minutes to eat a meal about 5 minutes to warm resolved Breakfast it? Anyway Tata monarch was unwilling.

Ming Lieh yogurt pudding

Do it fast and convenient breakfast, can provide enough energy and satiety. Of course, if with some fresh fruit, the taste will be better.

Time back you just do quick breakfast

Chocolate bar dates

Chocolate and dates mixed in a food processor to break out in the breakfast.Note, however, that this combination can easily stick to the food processor, washing up will be some trouble.

Green fruits and vegetables past

For vegetarians, this is undoubtedly the best choice for breakfast, fresh fruits and vegetables into a blender, plus some fruit smoothie made of green tea is not only healthy, but the taste is not bad.

Homemade muesli

In the instant oatmeal have added their favorite variety of fruits and vegetables, do not spend time breakfast can provide a strong satiety.

Time back you just do quick breakfast

Ming Lie pudding with dried apricots and pineapple slices

If you want to look beautiful this early point, you can ahead of the night put it in the refrigerator cold look. But if you did just want to eat, then it is as long as the pineapple slices and dried apricots directly on to do the next Liezi pudding on it.

Yogurt, oats, nuts and maple syrup

He was added to the yogurt oats, nuts and a little maple syrup, stir well. It should be noted, yogurt, do not buy the kind of solid, semi-liquid state yogurt is making this the best choice for breakfast.

Time back you just do quick breakfast

Smoked salmon salad

Salmon, bread and seasonal vegetables can be completed this breakfast. Of course, you can also use hot-smoked whitefish or salmon instead of salmon.

Fragrant orange slice with coconut sheet date palm fruits and chocolate chips

If you do not have time in the morning, so long night ahead of oats, fruit and yogurt mixed up in the refrigerator overnight allowed, you can get up in the morning to eat soft texture of cold porridge. If you do not like oatmeal, it is better to use oranges, dates, yogurt and chocolate chips and coconut milk tablets do a simple paste, also very filling.

Time back you just do quick breakfast

Pepper and rosemary with grapefruit

Breakfast eat grapefruit is preferred by many people lose weight when, but add pepper and rosemary combination, the amount that may be a little strange taste. But you can also try, as far as had eaten people say, red pepper and rosemary grapefruit flavors will be very tasty.

Smoked salmon with avocado and whole wheat crackers

Light breakfast eat whole wheat crackers is really quite painful, but coupled with smoked salmon and avocado is not the same, taste change for the better while providing enough energy, weight loss is a small partner can try oh.

Time back you just do quick breakfast

Citrus salad with tarragon

This salad biggest advantage is that there is no heat, but the drawback is to let the taste changed for the better, you have to use a lot of simple syrup to taste, but if you can hold back and hold the syrup, then pour is also a good choice for breakfast to lose weight. If they do not like the taste of tarragon, you can also try to change it into mint or lavender.

Mango, berry and banana smoothie

Now is eating mango, berry season, bananas can also provide enough energy.You just need to put all of these fruits in a blender, stir past achievements like it.(Source: CFP)

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