Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

8 points to help yoga beginners away from mistakes.

8 points to help yoga beginners away from mistakes.

Hot summer days, and elevated temperatures or have a passion about yoga, which originated from India workouts popularity in China even India are staggering. Chinese pay more attention to the quality of life is an indisputable fact that fitness has become diversified, yoga has a very good reputation in the female friend, people join the ranks of Yoga practitioners, the rapid growth of the team. Yoga has many benefits to the body, but as a beginner there are some taboos you need to know, only to bypass these problems, to enjoy the health experience of yoga.

First, before going to yoga on an empty stomach

According to small series of understanding, some beginners have a very bad habit, it's after dinner and before bed time to practice yoga, which made a taboo to practice yoga. Practice yoga to maintain at least 1-2 hours of fasting before, to alleviate the burden on the stomach. Because of yoga postures is spine-centered, stretch, squeeze right before and after. If the practitioner's stomach is overburdened, will allow practitioners to produce nausea, headache, tightness in the chest, in severe cases, vomiting may occur, so before practicing yoga must stay on an empty stomach. If you must add strength before exercise, and eat easily digestible liquid diet, and don't drink lots of water.

Er, away from the tight-fitting clothing

Tights often appear in yoga practitioners, we will even see some stars to show the body, yoga wear tights when, in fact, this is wrong. Yoga is different from the general physical training, it is about relaxing in the exercise, tight clothes are not conducive to the relaxation of the body. So want to choose some comfortable, sweat-absorbent, breathable and good clothes, materials are cotton, hemp is the best, in order to do some flips, the tops can choose close-fitting clothes, pants must be loose.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

▲ Such as tightening loose Yoga clothing is suitable for beginners, its jacket design is personal, proper stretching and flipping moves, the next being a straight-leg design, more comfortable to wear. Modal material elasticity is very good, great action is also not feel prejudice.

Third, avoid wearing accessories

In yoga the best not to wear any ornaments, this is particularly important for women. The reason is simple, these accessories will not only affect your movements, and may cause damage to the body. So, put these ornaments to where? Professional Yoga rather than storage bag.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

▲To the top of this versatile waterproof storage bag is a good choice, it can put your small belongings, clothes and even shoes, open zipper easily loaded from, with one hand more easily. Storage boxes will be available in the Yoga Studio, but small for storage it is recommended that your belongings into boxes, are more hygienic.

Four, the training ground should not be too hard or too soft

Yoga big range of motion, so hard or soft ground will not work, if perfect, less protection, accident prone, not too soft when the action is in progress to support, can hurt the body. Best way is to prepare a suitable yoga mats.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

• The selection of yoga mats to thick, anti-skid, environmental criteria, such as the Yoga mat for beginners, made of NBR no harm to human body, increase the thickness of the 10MM use for beginners. In addition it also let slip resistant foam for use in the best.

Five, Asana should not be too hard

Beginner posture exercises, movements slow, combined with proper breathing, achieve best practice results. Beginners generally stretches in asanas, without breath, breathe deep, and Naaman slowly is the best way.If you think in slow movements, their bodies support not enough, you can use Yoga balls or foam rollers, with environmental protection, slip on selection as the main criterion.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

▲ To select that yoga ball of explosion-proof, it uses natural and eco-friendly materials, and won't cause harm to the body, 2 tons of weight, matte slip to ensure safety.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo 

• Foam rollers will not only strengthen the core body strength and improve balance and coordination, also used for deep relaxation of body parts.

Six, stretching movements to be limited

Postural stretching exercises should refer to their maximum, not blindly pursuing high degree of difficulty. Exercise should be gradual, not rush, do our own limits is the safest, most effective. On the initial strength and flexibility exercises can use the resistance band and gradually raise their ability of muscle.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

• Yoga resistance band exercises for multiple parts of the body, such as above the material of natural latex, safer to use and moderate tension, exercise plays a good supporting role.

Seven, footwear choices about

Yoga exercises usually do not wear socks, and is designed to slip, but when practiced at a low temperature environment, or you can put on a professional Yoga socks.

Yoga Beginners Must Stay Away From Taboo

▲ For example this skid toe socks can be in yoga wear, it works better than mere foot contacts the ground slip.

Eight, discomfort stop
Beginners should concentrate on in the practice, so as to get the best possible sport results. And attention can make you physically unwell, felt immediately and cease immediately, so as not to injure yourself.
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