Yoga For Figure Makes You Very Attractive Curves

Yoga For Figure Makes You Very Attractive Curves

Every night before going to bed following a weight loss yoga can help slimming addiction transfer greedy mouth, and soothing.

First, Open Yoga

Yoga For Figure Makes You Very Attractive Curves

  1. First put his hand behind her, ten fingers, put away the belly and rib, straight anticipation.
  2. Then back up, breathe in, hands straight back, collarbone, and maintain the 5~10 breath.
  3. Slowly relaxed and maintain steady breathing, inhale again, back up, back straight, clavicle, upper body to the right, maintaining 5~10 breath.
  4. Is the same steps on the left, then back to the Middle, breathe slowly relax.

Second, standing chest-style Yoga

  1. To loosen up and to maintain steady breathing, put away the belly and rib, straight anticipation.
  2. The hands clasped together in front of the first step.
  3. Then elbows into his fingers, note the arms cannot have the gap, to close.
  4. And breathe, hands up, exhale to relax, and then inhale the pull-up, this kind of action is about 5~10 times.

Three, mountain-style breast Yoga

Yoga For Figure Makes You Very Attractive Curves

Decomposition: when doing the Yoga your body must first stand up straight, and then bent down, his hands tightly finger firmly at the feet of the rear, this became to the mountain pose. Then gently forward to stand up and head back up. Regular breathing maintains this position, after about 3 seconds, feet slightly bend your knees and chest more front as possible in the face to touch the knees.

Tip: the Yoga moves because the body maintain a posture like a mountain got its name.This yoga can promote blood circulation in the chest, so as to stimulate the breasts grew up in the sport. So you can achieve the purpose of breast enlargement. But be careful when doing this, try to slowly, it will be very easy to pull the leg.

Four , about the cross

Decomposition: this is first and foremost their upright stand, intersect and let the fingers of the hands, palms clasped together poses then gently breathe in, your elbow slowly too high to the chest. Then slowly exhale, Palm of palms to the inside of the chest squeezing as much as possible, his hands squeeze slightly to the left, finally, maintained this position for 10 seconds or so, then slowly return to its original position. Then repeat the action slowly, but this time his hands gently tilted to the right. Repeat this 20 times.

Yoga For Figure Makes You Very Attractive Curves

Tip: the yoga poses might seem very simple, but for breast enhancement effect is very powerful. MM you can squeeze the Yoga moves actions to stimulate the development of mammary glands in the chest in the chest, so as to allow the chest to grow again, so as to achieve the effect of breast enhancement. Let MM chest of becomes more abundant. But when you do this, note that inside of the Palm towards the chest squeeze must make sure that the output, and hands, always to maintain balance with the chest position. MM at home you can try this simple and effective method!
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