You Sleep Is Insomnia Or A Night For A Physical And Mental OCD?

You Sleep Is Insomnia Or A Night For A Physical And Mental OCD?
You say you are insomnia, but in fact you may be late strong ...

Have a friend who always sleep well, says he can't sleep at night. She said, "I don't want to sleep, I was really awake. ”

I asked her what do not sleep at night. She said, Internet, chat, watch videos, brush Twitter shopping Forum and so on, until you see no see, when I have no chat, and even began to clean up the room.

This is where the problem lies. Insomnia is sleepy but not sleep, night obsessive-compulsive, you realize that they should be sleeping, but I just want to sleep, or even deliberately lets himself do to keep things, like cleaning, reading a magazine, write the article.

You Sleep Is Insomnia Or A Night For A Physical And Mental OCD?

How to identify sleep OCD

  1. How to identify if you have OCD going to bed late? Answer the following questions if you answered YES than NO, then you need to be aware.
  2. Very hard every day. Either go to school or work days busy life makes you almost have no time to do your own thing, no time for recreation and rest.
  3. Sitting in front of the bus, subway, or at your desk, and fell asleep as soon as I close my eyes, feel around you at any time.
  4. Always bloodshot eyes or dark circles is obvious. Yawn now and then.
  5. Go home at night feeling sleepy became excited, started online, or read a novel or movie. And then unable to extricate themselves. Playing games is always thinking "next is the last one! "Or a TV drama series with" read this bed set! "Each word.
  6. Slept very late every day. Usually sleep until the morning after two or three. Stayed when they get up and very much regret. But again the next day.
  7. That "there are a lot of things were not done, so sleep too bad", or "sleeping right now is too early is a waste of time, it would be better to do something."
  8. Consider themselves especially around 3 o'clock in the morning when abnormal mind awake late at night, clear thinking to do anything to achieve "inspired outbreaks" level.
  9. A lot of things can be done during the day, but want to stay in the middle to do because it is deemed "day job during the day and something is doing this time of night. ”

You Sleep Is Insomnia Or A Night For A Physical And Mental OCD?

Adjust the rest, treatment for your sleep-compulsive disorder

Don't use "I'm awake" and "I'm more in the evening more spirit" to remind you of late, if it is not necessary to bed early is better than late, whether physical, or psychological. And as long as you like, we will be able to change over.

First , develop a daily plan. Doing well during the day, don't give yourself an excuse for delay.

Secondly , give yourself more psychological cues. Don't think of night work will inspired outbreaks and don't enjoy the fulfillment of delay.

Finally , create a good environment for sleep, lights weak, soft music, take a hot bath or drink a cup of warm milk, according to the way you feel comfortable. After lying on the bed the body relax, pick a suitable sleep's book, except for the lot or plot the ups and downs of suspense novels. The fact that you can't read in books can be quite hypnotic, voluminous books, for example, as well as the difficult literary works,

In addition , the obsessive-compulsive psychological definition must have two elements, one is the attack density and long-term, and the second is I know, "I shouldn't have done it, but I still want to do. "This definition, because a lot of people just sleep late, not to mention bed late and OCD. But late to pay attention to self check, don't slowly evolved into OCD going to bed late, to begin treatment.

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