9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

Nothing better than sitting in an Office all day to let your backache head wood. Was lucky, we have yoga can help release stress. Yoga not only physical discomfort, can release the stress accumulated in a day. Here are 9 easy ways to work will be practicing yoga can help you release and relief from the busy day:

Cat/cow (Marjaryasana/Bitilasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

Sitting all day is great for your back injuries, exercise-cat/cow can fix the back injury.

Hands with Voldemort, and shoulder width; double knee and hip-width; inhale, downward-curving of the spine, put down the stomach, eyes looking up; exhale, upward arching of the spine, and focus on the navel area; repeats 10 group take a deep breath.

Downward-facing dog (AdhoMukha Svanasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

Downward-facing dog has many benefits to our body, can help us to lengthen the spine, stretch your legs and hip, open shoulders and chest to improve blood circulation. If you can only practice action after work, then please select the next dog!

Hands and knees, then straighten the legs, lift the hips; two foot back slightly and, if necessary, open fingers of both hands. That poses the most important thing is to keep the spine stretch; if you feel the back bent, try to slightly bend your knees keep 10 groups take a deep breath.

The double angle (Prasarita Padottanasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

After a day of work, we usually stock a lot of stress and emotion needs to be released.Flexion is the most appropriate at this time, but the poses, helps us to release anxiety and negative emotions. Double angle can also release the pressure of the waist and stretch stiff legs, opens the chest and shoulders, which after a day of sitting is very necessary.

Stand feet apart, two feet and a distance of about 3 feet wide, toes slightly inward, hands on their backs crossed; breathe in, chest, lifted his hands from behind; exhale, hip axis of the body bent forward, keep the legs and spine upright; keep 10 sets of breathing.

Sitting side stretch (Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

This can be a great stretch and relax your body and lower back.

Bend your left leg, left foot on the right thigh; right leg straight, torso to the left, opening the chest, and then tilted to the right leg, and if you can, hand over your head touch the right foot, keeping 10 groups take a deep breath, before getting on the other side of the practice.

Beam angle (Baddha Konasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

This writing is a good way to open the hips and inner thighs and lower back, and can effectively relieve sciatica caused by sedentary.

Sit up straight, feet Palms clasped together, his hands outside of the feet; can be maintained in this flexion can also be further extended, in the process of ensuring that keep the spine erect, keeping 10 groups take a deep breath.

King pigeon (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

Pigeon King may be the release of hip pain and tension, improve hip flexibility was the best, it can also alleviate sciatic nerve pain, and bring mental health benefits.

Lift the right knee to the waist; if so, best knee bent 90 degrees; straight hind legs, relaxed abdomen, peritoneal pressure release; inhale, open the chest breathe, move his arms, Pike Voldemort; keep 10 groups take a deep breath, practice for the other side.

Face-lion (Salamba Bhujangasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

After a day at his desk, with slight back stretching our spine is essential. Sometimes this is also called "half-Cobra".

Facing down Lord Voldemort, using the back muscles of the head and upper body off the ground; elbows shoulder width affixed to support keep chest open, relaxed shoulders; straight ahead, keep 10 groups take a deep breath.

Infant formula (Balasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

Baby can relax the entire body and mind, is a beautiful and a lot of benefits of asanas.

Knees, hips sit on heels my legs, upper body erect; hands raised upward along the body, arm ear; exhale with waist as point forward bending the upper body, chest and abdomen attached to the front of the thigh; arms stretched forward, his forehead touching the ground; keep 10 group breathing or extend on-demand.

Horizontal (Savasana)

9 Things to Do From Work Yoga

A full day's job is not only to make our body stiff and sore and makes our brain nervous restlessness. With a horizontal add meditation as practiced after work ends, and then meet again with ease and vigor of this world.
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