How To Save Mothers Postpartum Sagging Figure

My mother is great and beautiful, but after giving birth, many mothers will appear dry, breast patsies, narrow chest, and this chest seriously affect the beauty and self-confidence of mothers. As many new mothers, not only do not know how to take care of the children, but do not know how to maintain chest, postpartum breast patsies serious? In the end how to recover a postpartum sagging breasts?

How To Save Mothers Postpartum Sagging Breasts

Many mothers gave birth to the change of chest will occur after the child, and breastfeeding, some mothers had breast sagging phenomenon. The chest is a sign of women's charm, although has a woman, is the child's mother, but everyone has the heart of beauty. Not to mention married just a stage of life, not because the child sacrifice the beautiful. But the face gradually lose their elasticity sagging breasts how to remedy?

The most effective way to share some of the chest sagging postpartum recovery:

A chest, Breast Nursing daily recovery

Daily nursing can effectively prevent breast sagging, so we in the usual life must pay attention. Whether walking, sitting, standing, we have to keep the chest and abdomen, not prone to such chest sounds naturally sleep supine, the best side, let the chest rest. Remember, be sure to remove the bra to sleep at night, do not wear a bra for the night, that will make your breast hurt, risk of breast diseases increased.

Two, Drink papaya breast sagging recovery Ge Gencha

Papaya breast enhancement effect must have a lot of people know, Green Papaya contains papain, rich in breast cell growth factor, breast could usher in a second spring. As to the role of Puerarin in the breast is to restore elasticity of the breast, papaya and puerarin can let new mothers regain confidence. Daily eat papaya and pueraria food cooking is a good way to breast, but for slightly more lazy, want quick moms, can try Yi Shu hall papaya puerarin tea taste good, quick.

Recovery of three, Sagging breasts eat nuts, seeds food

Contains soy lecithin, peanuts, almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds are rich in protein, are a good breast food, the most important is the seed coat membrane is can promote gonadal development. Many experts have suggested that after weaning to breast mother eat corn, high nutrition and good for health.

Four, Hot compress recovery chest + Exercise

Hot compress and shower effect, is to make the breast blood circulation more, before going to bed every night, on both sides with a hot towel in the breast, and then massage the palm of your hand, adhere to a month, breast will uplift, after two to three months will be very obvious. Note, hot towel is not too hot, the best time in the three to five minutes.

Regular exercise can exercise chest muscle, so the chest muscles more tension and toughness, so as to hold the breast, to avoid sagging, for new moms, when playing with children, do some simple breast movement is a very simple thing. For example, push the wall, hands pull and push ups and so on, these are very easy to do, the effect is good.

Many women who heard of postpartum breast may droop, scared not pregnancy, or after not breastfeeding, it need not, regardless of family, with the passage of time, breast will be age and the effect of gravity, appear under vertical loose state. And fearful, as do breast care, make breast more strong. The recommended reading: eat papaya breast enhancement method
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