Standing Abdominal Training, Abdominal Muscles Directly Reaches "Tear"!

Standing abdominal training you should have not tried it? The following six standing practice of sharing abdominal operation, directly reaches your abs "tear"!

Standing Abdominal Training, Abdominal Muscles Directly Reaches "Tear"!

Of course, this action is not just abdominal training, but it also has the effect of reduced fat, practice with them.

Action 1: Twist around each jump around 30-60 times

Action 2: Straight stereo left and right lateral bending 30-60 times

Action 3: Erect alternately left and right elbow touch the knee 30-60

Action 4: Alternately upright hop around 30-60 times each

Action 5: Upright alternately left and right knee jump 30-60 times

Action 6: Alternately upright oblique kick around 30-60 times each

Exercise requirements:

  1. The entire exercise according to their level of training, exercise cycles were 2-4.
  2. Between movement and action try not to rest, rest 1-2 minutes after the end of a cycle.
  3. Before practice and after practice were 5-10 minute warm-up and relaxation exercises such as dynamic stretching, static stretching exercises.

I recommend a weight-loss training base, thin face, thin belly. That part of the body has a detailed tutorial! Adhere to a week in accordance with the content! It works!
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