The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

What is the most effective method of Figure ? In fact, the Figure should start from the details of life, for Figure massage from the diet, exercise, etc., can effectively and quickly make your Figure's become plump up. Here we provide 4 of the most effective Figure enhancement method, help you to have Figure s.

The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

Each of the MM all want to have the devil figure, so how to Figure can make Figure s bigger? The most effective method of Figure should start from the details of life, for Figure massage, from the diet, sports and other aspects. Here to teach you how to tell you the secret of the Figure , Figure is the most effective.

We must first understand the Figure to Figure

It is almost everyone's nature, but the "angel face, the devil figure", but every girl has been longing for, aspirations. While in the pursuit of "beauty", "charm" at the same time, hope that Shuangfeng is quite full, must have the correct cognition.

Is Figure nipple, areola, Figure bubble formed. Two hemispherical body, its base is located in front of the pectoralis major fascia, strengthen the pectoral muscles can also grow Figure s. The middle part is "uplift Figure nipple" on which several ten holes called "lactiferous hole"; and surrounded with a pigment called "areola" annulus and subcutaneous Figure blister. Unmarried woman of the nipple and areola is pale red, after the pregnancy women don't brown, unable to resume production after the original color.Men and women have Figure is an organ, the male Figure had so little trace, but the female hormone effect gradually development, don't grow up.

The girl Figure development in 10 to 18 years old for "peak", after 18 years of growth is relatively slow, the pregnancy will be developed, should be appropriate to grasp the developmental stages of the Figure , can you. At the same time the rate of Figure enlargement will differ from man to man, some people will be more plump and some people will be relatively small, and there will be large, small side side problems such as uneven phenomenon. Now our storm affected, many female friends will have to find the recipe and make yourself more plump, but often prove futile following principles, experts recommend Figure :

The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

One, pay attention to nutrition:

In order to improve Figure development, it is necessary to maintain body weight not too light, avoid excessive dieting and too little body fat, Figure lack of basic raw materials, because of the large fat ingredients accounted for Figure , especially in adolescence don't try to lose weight, resulting in uneven nutrition. And eat more fish, meat, eggs, milk and other food more cholesterol and fat Vegetable & Fruit, moderate.

Two, Qi Chang wang:

Note that the blood circulation is normal and their normal menstrual cycle, the flow is too much or too little, the color will too black. If there is any time to go to doctor to help you care.The change of menstruation has a direct relationship with ovarian hormones and, if everything is normal, a natural abundance, Ahna colorful, feminine. If the lack of blood, can take the Chinese medicine "Guipi Decoction" "jiawei wu tang" Qi and blood. Can also eat a diet recipe of upright Guishen stewing hens can enrich the blood, main bodies, help Figure development in girls, prepared by Angelica 15 grams, 30 grams of Radix Codonopsis, ginger, onions, cooking wine, salt amount. 1 hens (about 1500 grams). Production method will not chicken slaughtered, to hair pile and viscera, washed, angelica, dang shen in chicken body, then release into the casserole, add onions, ginger, cooking wine, salt, the amount of water, then the casserole Wuhou buy on the boil, switch to gentle simmer stew, until the chicken cake is rotten. When eating, meals can be divided into meat, soup.

The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

Three, massage and exercise:

Before you can gently massage the Figure , after work can do chest exercises hands out straight, usually for swimming, Fu Di to exercise and strengthen the axillary lymph massage. If it is unilateral Figure development than the number of bad, can be engaged in the expansion of unilateral chest and arm movement.

Take a shower in when it is best not to use hot water to wash the chest, bath shower head with warm water or cold water will be facing the impact of the chest massage function, can make the Figure areola color and shape is more beautiful.

Four, wearing a bra:

Stable bra bust, also must pay attention to buy bra size is appropriate, such as the uneven phenomenon of both sides of the Figure to the side, the other side of the small cushion to keep the chest type are known; and have a correct concept of wearing:
  1. The first arm through the underwear straps and hung on the shoulders, body leaned forward to Figure successfully into the cups.
  2. After the stand straight hook and adjust the strap, put his hand into the cup in the side of the Figure to correct the bias and can be adjusted.
The 4 Method Is The Most Effective Figure "Farewell To The Boundless Plain"

The chest is beautiful, the most important thing is sound, shape and symmetry, so whether you belong to the A cup, B cup, C cup or D cup, are not appropriate pride or distress, in addition to the above method, don't buy any Figure smear ointment or drugs to eat, so as to avoid the occurrence of allergic or side effects;. Operation can achieve the immediate effect of Figure augmentation, a few cases had side effects, careful consideration, but unless the individual will persist, physicians usually do not give positive encouragement.

Female charm, elegance and connotation is full, not only beautiful appearance and around the chest, the above method can only provide reference for female friends.
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