Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

Exactly who invented lipstick? Where is the big expensive lipstick? Asians can't you paint pink lipstick? All you want to know are here.

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here
All the dressing starts with looking, so is the basis of most cosmetic lipstick. July 29 is American lipstick, commonly known as lipstick. We also take in Lipstick rose up pose.

Who invented the first lipstick in human history?

Who invented the first lipstick? You might think of Egypt Cleopatra and the century-old Maybelline or Dior it seems old advertising illustration below:

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

None of the above originator of lipstick--did you forget the Daming Lake red Rouge? It is recorded that Shang like frozen flower juice to concubines painted lips touch, originated by yan, later called it a "fat-yan" (Rouge). It originates more than 3,000 years ago, most suitable for the genuine history of lipstick.

When it comes to Chinese history, popular during the Tang dynasty "weaponry" and "face Zhu" on women's makeup in the face before white, then painted red cochineal.Yang allegedly plump, and sweat all day long in the summer every year Ying ying, red Rouge slipped into the water. Inspiration also comes from Datang labeling Princess Rouge water, do not worship.

United Kingdom contributed a lot for the development of Queen Elizabeth I on lipstick.According to Elizabeth loves big red lips, she had with a mixture of beeswax and Red mercuric sulfide as a lip stain, which sparked popular in Europe. Around 1884, France Guerlain has produced the first commercial lipstick, grapefruit extract, oils and beeswax, mix into long like this:

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

Queen of Red lip is always there.

Best for Asians: Orange lipstick?

I've written about reports of beauty at the London Airport , told us Shanghai women like best buy coral Orange lipstick. But for Asian people, not necessarily Orange lipstick, on the contrary, if Orange were ineffective, and yellow skin is dirty:

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

In fact, in addition to daily outside the Cameo, as long as the makeup, hair and clothes color with a reasonable, even the most underrated red poisoning can be driven by Asian easily.

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

And overall the most important gas field, don't believe the orange-yellow skin killed himself as Matt.

Qiaomei, makeup at the end of a white and transparent, with the light hair color, so even sick powder on the lipstick, you can look.

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

Please do not reply to watch their faces, thank you.

Coral Orange, peach powder, shell nude ... Named for various lipstick colors, interface reporter interviews a professional makeup artist – to give lips a different brand name, great pains.

First of all, color naming conventions must be based on the color plate. International standard color plate there are several references to lipstick, but exactly how mark, each company will have different standards. History of some old, some are sorted according to the formulations vary, it is a commercial secret.

Secondly, based on the color name from a life of inspiration, such as Clinique has a howling "tomato red", and ice cream, frosting colors such named sources are also quite different. To some extent, lip color named enough foreign flavor, with lip tubes and packaging design of a truth, is an important watershed of big names and signs.
Bitten lip, matte ... What's in the lips?

When it comes to most in this year's lips, you might remember a while back Clinique had hit the color squares, and a variety of big names have also launched the color makeup . Makeup artist told interface reporter on the lips pop, "when there is no big difference between this year and last, the so-called contrast marketing concept".

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

So popular this year is lip-biting and girl look?

Today Is "Lipstick" Myth Lipstick That You Need To Answer Here

Bite lip is also myth, want to create effects of biting her lip, a lipstick can fix, both of you would have a totally different feeling.

So be a summary, what to paint women look or nude color, color is bright red lips, are according to the gas field and match to decide, rather than to refer to thousands of song, or Elizabeth.

Hot dressed, and is equipped with a bright lip color to the way gas field; clothes if you have color, that avoid lipstick color; if you put into the flower fairies, not to paint a "miss you" or red lip, is that you don't understand.
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