Want Strong, We Must Learn To Care For Privates

Because men and women physiological structure different, so treats private at of attitude also has is big of different, woman usually will put himself private at of health problem see of very of important, was even daily sooner or later to wash, and to using some drug to wash, relative women,, men on private at health of concern on somewhat small has, men usually concern "lift not lift" of problem. In fact, man the privacy need careful care.

Want Strong, We Must Learn To Care For Privates

Everything should be controlled

Everything about a degree, too much of the truth we all know. So is sex, moderate sex life can bring A Joyful Heart and experience, is good for the body and health are, however, if fling without moderation, genital chronic congestion, can cause decreased sexual function, caused by prostatitis, enlarged prostate, impotence, premature ejaculation, no ejaculation problems. So, men, use "arms" to temperance when Oh!

Sex and sexual maturity

With the popularization of sex education, more and more people are curious stealing to taste the forbidden fruit. In General, however, only mature men until the age of 65, if having sex early, the sex organs haven't matured, wear their fine, easy to cause varying degrees of sexual dysfunction, and adults prone to premature ejaculation, impotence, backache, prone to senility. So, don't think that premature stole a taste of forbidden fruit, their damage is very large.

Many men, decided that going to the hospital for personal checks is a very awkward thing. In fact, we can carry out self-examination. Medical studies have shown that testicular cancer, penile cancer, early detection and cure rates are high, once the development of advanced, the effect is not ideal, so that men over the age of 35, may wish to examine their own external genital organs. Once the outer genital organs anomalies, you need to attract attention and, if necessary, timely medical treatment, early detection and treatment.

Regular cleaning of private parts

Pay attention to hygiene, is for everyone to be aware of. Women not only need note that men also need attention. Elderly people especially the foreskin, and economic clean smegma, as smegma is not only easy to cause penile cancer, also led his wife suffering from cervical cancer. So, whether it is in terms of sex, or in peacetime, need to pay attention to self clean.

Jeans and health

Jeans as a fashion by more and more people like it. Medical research shows that the best men's reproductive systems require low temperatures, often wearing jeans, will make the local temperature is too high, make poor sperm formation. To this end, need attention, don't wear jeans every day, occasionally a change of style.

Prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases

Males of many sexually transmitted diseases, are dirty and sex-related, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, etc. Dirty sex is not only easy to make yourself sick, will spread the virus to their wives and even children, great harm, must not lose hope for the chance to succeed.So, we want to keep the bedroom clean and sanitary. In life, remember to wear a condom, can also prevent transmission of sexually transmitted diseases. Do not believe that health itself, there is no disease, there is no need to wear a condom. Wear a condom, sex etiquette, and necessary security measures. Durex love with condoms contraception and prevention of the spread of the disease will be good.
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