Woman, Never Exercise, It's Anything But Cool!

Saying too many words of encouragement, singing a different tune today!

See so many girls in the gym every day and sweating insisted that while many peers to eat popcorn and watch a movie, stroll the street, visitors to Taobao ... Simply two lives.

Woman, Never Exercise, It's Anything But Cool!

Small series to tell you: women, never exercise, it's anything but cool!

Here's why not health reasons!

1. Why would anyone want to speed up the metabolism?

The so-called "calorie-burning effect after exercise" represents finished as is the increased metabolism after resistance training exercises. Of course, this is too much trouble ~ who will do such a thing.

2. Eliminate belly fat? Sounds Super boring!

Excess belly fat can harm cardiovascular health, although some people lose weight for beauty. In any event, representatives of weight training is that you will have a healthy waistline. But we don't need to worry about this kind of thing right?

3. Also, have the feeling of confidence is not as good as everyone says.

Anyway ~ life which need to be so confident, I'm doing a mediocre person good!

4. Anyway, people are going to get old, regardless of what health and build it!

Weight training can help stabilize the body fat, prevents obesity, can also help sustain weight loss. Oh my God, Oh ~

5. To be able to carry the bags and shopping bags? So what, wouldn't it be better when she asked people to help me?

Weight-lifting challenge your limits, meaning I'm working to increase my muscle, I would grow stronger and stronger? It sounds terrible!

6. Weightlifting can make me live longer, healthier lives. ... To survive that long to do?

Weight training makes people do everyday things when there are physical, so don't spend too much time sitting in a Chair, this helps prolong life. Listening to my falling asleep (yawn).

7. Super never useful aerobic exercises you can do and who will want to lift weights?

Can be hard and spend a couple of hours on the treadmill, doing to effectively burn fat?

8. Feel weak without the wind, live like a old bones don't bother you!

Weight training can prevent osteoporosis, people is not easy to break a bone or fracture ... I think no big deal ~

9. Lost confidence in itself, loss of self-esteem now has become my hobby!

So why the weight-lifting, confidence, also will become a healthy, who needs it?

10. It is important to daily life stress is also very motivated!

This is why you must avoid weight lifting because he will improve our ability to work under pressure.

11. There is nothing better than the lifeless body, muscles feel better.

Do not participate in strength training, that will change your softness, Ghost required!

12. Strength training will make people become more powerful, but also makes people more independent, but we don't need these things!

Strength training will make you stronger, more capacity, higher resistance to pressure, will also give you a glowing look do not easily try

Summary: strength training is not fun at all, Johnson burst!

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