Yoga for beginners yoga master to answer 30 Q

Yoga for beginners yoga master to answer 30 Q

1. My coach let me pose with closed eyes, right?

Close your eyes is to better feel the pose, no errors, but when I first came into contact with a pose, keeping my eyes open, so that you will know what you are doing and what's wrong. If you closed Shang eyes on cannot understand body of action, even you by acquisition practice of poses of direction, especially some balance class of poses, early closed Shang eyes is easy fell, only Dang you has is good of master has a specific of poses Hou only can closed Shang eyes, because does when you to even in eyes closed Shang of situation Xia, also can adjustment body of action.

2. Yoga sweat okay?

After a yoga class, there should be a unity of body and mind feel good, if it is only one part of the body feel good, break out in a sweat or feel headache, swelling and euphoria are not very good results.

3. Yoga can blow air conditioners or fans?

Health saying: do not sweat upwind, moving Mo concave chest, which is very reasonable. Because it blowing cold after sweating, concave chest reduces the chest during exercise range, reduced lung capacity, not conducive to the beating heart, caused by insufficient blood supply. But often unable to bear the heat will break out in a sweat when standing on a windy place to rest, or simply a fan or an air conditioner blowing a pass, so do not feel hot, but it is cold. After exercise and sweating, must not stand in a windy place, hair dryer, should be to wipe off the sweat or sweat by relaxing nature, and want to take off my sweaty athletic clothes at the end, put on dry clothes for everyday wear.

4. I'm not used by coach guided breathing pose right?

Didn't want to coach the boot method to meet the style and thought it would sign some yoga moves can, it is a very wrong idea. Not as proficient in English if the 26 letters, it can't be started. Learn yoga the same way, not to learn Yoga breathing, Yoga Foundation on which building this building no, try again later, a layman.

All yoga poses of up, and received, are to by breathing to tie; yoga poses of keep time, to breathing times to calculation; yoga poses do of whether just is you body maximum limit, to whether can easily breathing to measure; will you of consciousness concentrated, most important of method is observation himself of breathing, and will consciousness put in has feel of parts Shang; each yoga poses middle of pranayama, is to adjustment you of breathing, and heartbeat smooth, conscious of for relax, guarantee in body maximum with oxygen volume of situation Xia for next action.

5. Practicing the process I used to do all my classmates or look in the mirror it can?

Practicing yoga, should focus on breath control and feeling on the part of, so teachers, look at the people around, look in the mirror is a distraction from bad habits. Slowly learned with ear listening to teacher of action indicates (also not advocates side see disc side followed Learn yoga action, as not conducive to concentrated attention); completely not need with others compared action, just to than you himself past has progress on good; Yoga not practice dance, action to not in place only depends on skill to didn't to, not see mirror on can let himself action more beautiful, more in place of. Moreover, we are not doing an Acrobat, an ordinary monkey's actions are better than Acrobat.

To know how to adjust exercise intensity based on their own situation, yoga emphasizes the feeling of listening to your own body, within our capabilities, enough is enough. A yoga class, the teacher must care all degree students to plan an action, this has led to some action is possible is not suitable for your own practice, must be taught to control exercise intensity, must not be forced to do. Feeling difficult to complete action, I stop to relax could feel stick too long, tired, it can close the training; felt sore after practice, stop the exercise, until the recovery again, everything has to be obedience to bodily sensations.

6. I like the strength coach do pose, weight loss, please?

Like to ask coaches to teach strength poses, think weight loss is good is not correct.Yoga believe that vigorous exercise that kills, it is based on the individual's physique can afford the gentle slow movements. If imposing strength on yoga, yoga and aerobics, running, needs to sweat, panting confused. Moreover, General Sports Science exercise method also needs to emphasize strength should be suited to their ability to have an effect.

7. I think finally relax work is redundant.

Back relaxation Yoga big finale in the meal, is the essence of yoga. If you only practice positions, practice relaxation, yoga so that you can only get 30% benefits. It will let you relax the body, adding energy, clean up the clutter, radiant. Therefore, the correct attitude to do it every time to relax.

8. I practice yoga, tinnitus often occurs, is this why? What am I supposed to do?

People practice yoga feel dizziness, tinnitus, is caused by breathing too fast. Another scenario is when holding your breath: breath easy to breath and stagnation, reduced oxygen input, easy to increase the pressure in the chest, making it hard for the body's blood returns to the heart, cardiac output blood volume also decreased, insufficient blood supply to the body. At this point, easy to produce dizziness and tinnitus. When you do stand-up head touching the knee flexion of the class style or inverted position, such as heads, such as horns, a large number of flows from the blood, into the abdomen, chest, head and lower body form of differential pressure. When you stand up suddenly, dizziness ringing in the ears of the phenomenon will happen. Prevent is to head down to slowly looked up at the end when she's breathing in, waiting for the flow of blood, blood pressure fell and then slowly got up. Practice should be noted when combined with deep, slow breathing, help the body and organs get enough oxygen.

9. Special good appetite after yoga, usually at night, eating is not easily controlled, for fear of not losing weight instead of gaining weight.

Everyone has a different response to practicing yoga. Acquisition practice yoga will makes we of body function promotion, coupled with Digest speed get accelerated, so was will was hunger, but to note acquisition practice Hou body absorption and synthesis capacity also will enhanced, if select this when eating, natural absorption of good some, as select food of type, has nutrition, and but don't excess, more select some low fat, high fiber, and resistance Digest easy has full abdominal sense of food, as potatoes, and vegetables,, asked Ngawang control time, as in acquisition practice a hours Hou again began dining.

10 . What is a high-temperature (heat) Yoga? I fit to practise it?

Bikram (hot yoga), is in the case of room temperature 42 degrees completed the 26 poses a specific action, with the two kinds of breathing: throat and refreshing pranayama breathing, the course takes approximately 1 hour, relatively large, sweating easily stretch at high temperatures, is a yoga diet with excellent results. However, high and low blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, pregnant women, children, and Vertigo in the elderly population is not suitable for practicing, and unsuitable for practice every day, to benefit 2-3 times a week.

11. Why do I feel neck and shoulder pain when breathing and nervous?

Use abdominal breathing, try breathing in the process of with a shoulder around the action. Inhale shoulders upward, shrugs, exhale from the back around, relax down. To slow and the body after each breath more and more relaxed, no longer around the shoulder after 5 times in a row, continuing abdominal breathing, focus exclusively on the abdomen.

12. Practicing yoga for men?

Yoga as exercise, a sport to keep fit, the inventor is the man today is representative of yoga in the Yoga world masters are mostly male. So, with a lot of action in the yoga asanas are very useful for men's health.

Yoga abdominal breathing, air sinking pubic region, on the male organs and organ blood nourishing effect. Double Lotus in yoga asanas, camel, Cobra and other movements are allowed to massage to the human kidney and is good for men's health;-Warriors of the yoga asanas, trees, headstand, movements and exercises to the thigh, upper arm muscles will make the human body more toned ... ... Different from other violent sport, yoga does not cause physical fatigue severe exercise, excessive phenomenon, so it is a safe exercise.

People in modern life and work under more and more, increasing pressure, this pressure is generally vigorous exercise difficult to alleviate, yoga can realize that people desire to keep fit, but more importantly it can relieve stress, regulate mood, make energy. Believe Yoga games loved by more and more men.

13, Yoga for the company's white-collar workers do you have any special benefits?

Yoga is a long desk work, mental stress of white-collar workers is particularly suitable for sport. First, yoga position method through station, and sat, and kneeling, and lying, and inverted, of various posture bent, and stretch, and reverse body the parts, for human of Center column---spine and muscle and visceral organ up to is good of massage and the traction role, many back is concave Arch of action, also can effective of treatment cervical, and lumbar pain, and lower body blood cycle not Chang, white-collar are of common; second, yoga of rest operation and voice meditation helps calm weekday tension of neural, and ease pressure, and improved sleep; addition, yoga sculpture size , Weight loss is particularly significant. Also plays role of buttocks in, can improve the result of sedentary pear shape.

14, my mother is 50 years old, she also wants to start, right?

Yoga practice regardless of age. Soothing Yoga pose, principles like Tai Chi, more suitable for older people. People with physical disorders, breathing through yoga practice can even achieve rehabilitation. But when practicing you should choose professional yoga teachers and practicing, and select assisted yoga or yoga of physical therapy. For people with high blood pressure, heart disease and other symptoms in some pose for the crowd to watch, be sure to follow the professional instructor's Guide.

15, I was practicing yoga 2 years, does not make difficult movements like the masters, how to test the results of my yoga?

Masters are more than 10 hours a day practicing and adhere to decades to do that, besides, we seek not pose difficulties, but physical and mental changes, giving you a reference to it.

16, how long the practice can help you lose weight successfully?

Yoga weight loss was significant and lasting, but needs rules, practicing for more than 3 months to clear. But Yoga is not a weight-loss drug, much less expect quick weight-loss drug. If you really know about yoga and would like to benefit from it, you'll find Yoga for you, than to lose a few pounds of fat greater surprise. You will feel vibrant, full of health and beauty from the inside. So, put down your utilitarian mind, understand Yoga better all the time, will pay off.

17, what is Yoga good for?

Appropriate and correct practice, can make the body light, loose muscles, improving strength, enhance the elasticity of ligaments and joints can also relieve pressure on the body and mind and tense mood and experience complete peace of mind.

Intimate advice: wide mood, relaxed and began to practice. Benefits of Yoga does not say, waiting for you to experience in person!

18, When and where to practice yoga? Each time you practice how long?

Yoga's most economic and convenient, and you can practice at any time, without space and time restrictions. Practice time, for more than 30 minutes at a time is the best.?

Or who has not really into Yoga for beginners, due to strange, fear of yoga, not understanding or not used, tend to have a lot of questions, if not deterred or interrupted exercise is most regrettable.

Guests saying: as long as there is a place, you'll have no excuse not to practice yoga, because it does not require a partner, do not need equipment, much less under the influence of the weather. Practice every day the best! But if you really don't have much time, 3-5 minutes a day is not enough. Yoga is so convenient, you have no excuse not to practice? Then I got up and moved slightly!

19, After practicing yoga, muscle pain, how to remove?

Hot tub, fully relaxed (still do deep relaxation or sleep), coupled with the massage, you can eliminate fatigue and soreness.

20, Why practice yoga you must use exactly the breathing?

Yoga breathing conscious breathing. General way of breathing shallow, yoga-belly completely breathe deep, and long, but can stable mood, with the asana practice, can promote blood circulation.

21, Why do warm up before exercise?

Because through the whole body stretching can strengthen the elasticity and toughness of the joints, muscles, so it can prevent the occurrence of injuries.

22, Yoga can really slim down, please?

Balance between exercise and diet, fat people are eating too much and moving too little.People are eating too much without realizing it, if you remember, diet is designed to replace the nutrients, exercise is to the body of unwanted waste completely eliminated from the body, the two must go hand in hand. So the timing and amount of regular exercise will make fitter; and through the practice of soft, gentle and progressive yoga Asana, can promote metabolism and blood circulation of the body and balance the endocrine, the body does not need to waste out of the body through Yoga stretches, tight muscles, burn fat and achieve slimming effect.

23, How long to practice yoga to improve physical fitness?

It depends on the individual practice time, but practiced only once or three times a week, of course, and the effect of every exercise is not the same. As long as fixed, regular and constant practice, less than a month will be able to feel the spirit becomes better, are not easy to catch a cold, not low back pain, muscle contraction is flexible. Longer practice, physical improvements will also be better.

24, During the physical yoga, please?

Of course. But if the amount two days before menstruation, also is the first two days of practice for the time being, and should not practice inverted moves throughout the physiological. In addition, yoga is definitely good for the body, because it can adjust the endocrine balance, promote blood circulation and metabolism, therefore do not shun or menstrual cramps, and other symptoms of menstruation, especially improve the good effect.

25 Finish, why practicing yoga can dizziness?

Yoga beginners start contact, due to the unfamiliar, the spirit of nervous, muscle tightening, thus causing the breathing is not smooth, short of oxygen in the brain, we will feel dizzy. After a period of practice, the situation will improve.

26, Why some say yoga can grow fat?

Not fat people are mostly poor digestion. Some people under the pressure of intense work in the long-term, lead to spiritual gastrointestinal disorders, usually through the practice of yoga asanas, can relieve stress, enhance gastrointestinal function, promote absorption, natural weight gain would be.

27, Yoga and what not?

Yoga is a gentle sport, suitable for almost every age. It is a systemic, balanced movement, unlike the General movement to use unilateral force, long, easy body is due to the lack of co-ordination of the movement deviation. Therefore, to enable the body to balance, yoga is the best exercise.

28, I have chronic diseases can practice yoga?

Of course! Just take it easy during practice, according to his strength and flexibility exercises, long, chronic illness can be improved.

29, Stiff muscles can practice yoga?

Stiffness of muscles and bones, and General blood circulation than bad, more need to do yoga to help train the muscles and bones and muscles elastic.

30, Several times a week to practice yoga effect will be better?

Vary between people. Physical good, practicing two or three lessons a day, people won't feel tired; it was poor, even if only for a class, feel a great burden. Sports practice every day is better, of course, but if time and energy can not load, there is no need to squeeze.Practice for at least three days a week is more appropriate.
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