Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips

Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips

As we all know, breathing is our life, no breathing, no signs of life. Put the word in yoga asanas is also very precise. In other words, bad breath, bad, even if actions do pretty, the effect will be on sale.

Why do you say that? I, for example, if in the back when, because of tight neck, breathing becomes tough, and this position stays not long ago, feel for air, a little sleepy.This is natural because of illness caused by poor breathing response.

However, have you noticed, some gestures, because good spitting match, even though it is difficult to action, can also become slightly better do that? like bend, and when you exhale you can only go forward, it would be good to do some more. Conversely, if inspiratory breath or do the same action, you will find that seems stuck in the same.

Principles of breathing and movement coordination

Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips

Know that breathing and movement coordination, however, do more to shun it?

The following are a few simple principles:
  1. The body is folded down (bend class) action breathes better.
  2. Open the chest (back after representative) breathe better.
  3. Reversing the action is also let out of class to do it.
  4. Short breath, don't do the action.
However, yoga movements not only a single stay, also include preparation and leave, so suck spit in one go. For example: do the former when suction opening to lengthen your spine, chest first (prepare), exhale to bend forward, you can stay here to do some breathing and back up when they have to stand (left), inhale to complement. This is the complete set of front-bending, and the sucking, spitting fit well.

Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips

Another point is that if we stay in one place, don't hold your breath, breathe smoothly, and when through the exhaling, allows the body to do something a bit deeper. Reverse type, for example, we stopped at the hands and feet stuck, after turning back the body, using natural breathing, but when you exhale, you can then tighten abdominal, chest open, inhale stay, as long as the elongated spine would be nice. When exhaled several times so, go further back in the past.

Why deeper breath before you can do it? it is because when we exhale, the body can put more loosely, when exhaling so you can do more.

The more difficult moves, through deep breathing can relax muscles, Asana doubled the effect.

Old confused about when to inhale, exhale when?

Getting started with Yoga is one of the most common problems, are often confused about when to inhale? when to exhale? often teacher but also the other actions if I did wrong, but also pay attention to breathing right, get themselves running around in circles.

Asana breathing bothers me for a while, often suspect "must inhale exhale as teachers?"Until I read a book, long-term question has finally been answered. Wise man thinks of yoga, Asana breathing, just like we usually do, is very natural, not only do not hold your breath, but for a variety of different length will change.

Principles of smoke, spit

Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips

Principle 1: inhale, shrinkage, twisting when you exhale. Previously bent, hands stretched upward when combined with breathing, exhale when the body bend down to the ground.

Principle 2: to emphasize a part of asana, posture when combined with a few deep breaths. Such as when you do the downward dog, hips pushed up to the top, both hands and feet on the ground, this position from the side like a triangle. Now take a deep breath here four times, and enhance the stretch the back and leg muscles.

Principle 3: difficulty swallowing breathing faster, stressed that balance posture on breathing more deeply. If compared to the shoulder stand-and tree is, of course, shoulder stand, breathing becomes more rapid, breathing tree can be more gentle.

According to their own situation to breathe

For beginners, just remember the focus of asana is not easy, if noted as breathing, already a good. However, if you are an experienced Yoga person, be sure to pay attention to every breath in Asana, particularly every motion is in line with the best abdominal breathing method. Because avast in the deep breathing, you can inhale more oxygen, makes the body more relaxed, in the face of more difficult positions, please take a deep breath to challenge.

Remember that the softness in the Yoga part is innate, but the greater part is "the combination of physical, mental and breathing." Softness is certainly not Yoga's most important, but it is essential to practice. Breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga, practice anywhere, anytime he can gradually develop a powerful magical experience it.

Yoga Movements Combined With Breathing A Few Tips
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