8 Common Mistakes To Exercise Abdominal Muscles

Error 1: The first step to do abdominal exercises

ABS is a part of the core area, helps keep the body stable. If the early on their training will make you feel tired, so do the other exercises, will feel very difficult.

8 Common Mistakes To Exercise Abdominal Muscles

Error 2: Ignore the improper diet or diet

You do not guarantee a clean and healthy diet, you do hundreds of abdominal exercises are not six or eight pack pursuit! The so-called clean diet, is not to say do not eat, but eat less junk food, intake of salt, sugar, oil control.

Error 3: The entire training program only abdominal exercises

ABS you need 15 minutes only, want to become stronger, it is necessary to the overall development, all must exercise, and training methods must be diversified, often change, to mobilize the abdominal core muscles.

Error 4: All abdominal training every day

Other muscles and body muscle, need time to recover. When they got the big strength training, recovery time is necessary, consider the practice!

8 Common Mistakes To Exercise Abdominal Muscles

Error 5: Only do sit ups

There are many traditional sit ups to mislead the masses of misunderstanding, not to force will only cause low back and neck pain, you should learn to do more for the volume of the abdomen.

Error 6: Do not pay attention to action specification

When you practice, you should pay attention to whether the action specification, to ensure the correctness of action, so that the muscles involved in every exercise.

8 Common Mistakes To Exercise Abdominal Muscles

Error 7: Forget your lower back training

The core area has a front and a side, but it also has a back.Many people ignore the lower back muscles (erector spinae) exercise, if you want a strong core strength, please put your lower back muscles to treat the same as.

Error 8: The only training for an angle

External oblique muscle of abdomen, abdominal muscle, rectus abdominis and erector spinae muscles are part of the core area, but they are different in their muscle, the muscle fibers of the running direction and in different ways, so you want to get the well proportioned type of ABS, must practice several aspects (training emphasis)!
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