8 Small Makeup Tips, Very Be Good To Hear Or See

1, Clean the skin

To seriously clean skin before makeup, do not wash with water, because after one night, there are a lot of oil on the face, only with warm water and Cleansing Cream to clean.

8 Small Makeup Tips, Very Be Good To Hear Or See

2, Basic maintenance

After cleansing, is the normal process of basic nursing? Usually wash - makeup water emulsion, if you want to pursue a better effect on, can be in the make-up water before and after muscle bottom liquid or emulsion plus makeup before the milk of the two steps.

3, The Pores invisible

If you are relatively thick, clear skin pores, can use some invisible pores in the makeup before the cream etc... Of course, this step is not necessary.

4, Isolation

Next, is to use the cream base. The cream evenly distributed in the chin, cheeks, forehead, nose, mouth week, finger tapping, and be careful not to smear evenly, pat. If you want to pursue a fair effect, can repeat this step one to two times.

5 Finish

After using the cream, the next step is to use BB cream or foundation. The use of BB cream or the foundation depends on the individual preferences and skin. The foundation Concealer effect is good, but the skin damage will be a little more. BB Cream Concealer ability is more general, but generally with SPF value and some skin care effect.

6, Blush

If you want to pursue a more rosy blush, can increase such a step, but this step is not necessary. Blush must note, with a brush dipped in a small amount, first on the back of the hand brush, this is in order to avoid the use of too much and let blush more evenly distributed on the brush, then brush gently cheekbones to ear out direction.

7, Makeup

The last step is to face makeup, the powder or powder puff or sponge dipped in the face of many small, gently pat, repeated several times.

8, Chun Zhuang

The last step is the makeup of the lips, due to subtle effects, so only use and do not use lipstick or lip gloss lip gloss. Before the use of lip gloss or lip gloss, remember to use lip balm bottoming. This can be more moist lips, more natural.
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