Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

The cold winter is to protect the face of the most worry ladies day. The bad weather not only make people feel bad, let the girls suffer so often face skin, such as facial dry, dry lips, hair and a series of problems. How in the long winter of good maintenance of our perfect face? Let Xiaobian to share some skin care tips.
Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

Facial care

  1. Facial cleansing, to wash your face with cold water, so you can keep the face elastic, really can not stand it, with warm water.
  2. The temperature in winter is relatively dry, after cleaning the face, choose some gentle moisturizing cleansing products better.
  3. Drink plenty of water, add in water, and is conducive to the detoxification of the body.
  4. In winter often massage facial skin, promote blood circulation, increase cortical secretion.
  5. Pay attention to diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, comprehensive supplement the body needs vitamins.
Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

Two, Eye care

In fact, many girls do not know, the skin around the eyes, only the facial skin 1/3 to 1/5, and the lack of effective support of fat, elastic fiber and collagen structure, so in winter, prone to dark circles and wrinkles phenomenon. The solution is: with the right finger on the eyelids gently massage around the wreath; secondly, can appropriately use some moisturizing ingredients moisturizing cream high; finally, suggested that the MM less late at night, rest time will reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

Three, Lip care

The winter temperature is low, the lips sometimes dry or peeling is a normal phenomenon. It is right:
  1. Lips dry or peeling, do not use the tongue lick dry lips, this will only aggravate the degree, so small advice whether you are dry lips to prepare a lip balm, and even today is good, does not mean tomorrow or the.
  2. Some women attended some occasions, need a lipstick. Can make lip balm, moisturizing lipstick again, the effect will be better
  3. In order to prevent dry lips or peeling, that morning drink a cup of honey water, can also achieve prevention and moisturizing purposes.
Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

Four, The head nurse

  1. In summer, winter hair washed 2 to 3 times a week is appropriate, remember to wash the hair comb before, so to promote blood circulation.
  2. If there is dry hair, can choose protein rich shampoo, use conditioner, to strengthen the maintenance of hair
  3. The trick is to massage the scalp shampoo, it can not only accelerate the rate of sebum secretion, but also can make the hair root part properly moist.
Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!

Five, Body care

  1. The winter temperature is cold, slow blood circulation, the body is easy to dry, so take a shower when the water temperature is not too high, as far as possible, otherwise it will play too much oil, normal temperature at about 40 degrees.
  2. It is better to use shower bath (bath after the body can also use some lotion, prevent the body dry)
  3. After a bath or before going out, remember to use skin cream, serious can be solved by some essential oil.
  4. Winter cold feet easily, so to develop a good habit of night to soak the foot, such as cracking phenomenon, you can use olive oil or glycerol containing more skincare daub, and strengthen the vitamin supplement.
Beautiful Woman Winter Skin Care Tips!


  • The girl in the winter should eat some foods rich in vitamin A (human body lacks vitamin A, the skin will be very dry) as soybean pig's trotters soup, is a supplement of vitamin E and collagen, also like white wood, red dates wolfberry barley soup soup, these are beauty bowel detoxification of the good stuff, the skin very good.
  • In winter because of the hands, head and neck are exposed, so when necessary to wear scarf, gloves, to play the role of keeping warm.
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