Fellow men, you know big hip crush their trouble?

Like flat chest pain Busty sister sister I do not understand, like, with the much-anticipated big hip, are not necessarily a good thing.

You might just see these people before the "scenery"

For example: when hip big man down, as long as the hips forward, then it must not be so painful ......

But also to students ......

It is said that high IQ ...... US scientists say

Return to the topic, and now we share the feelings of those who have big ass Nvwang. .

These girls also took out his sincerity, all with graphical say ......

01. Although the buttocks big advantage would seem waist

But the ensuing troubles that can not sleep supine, because a lie down, waist will show arch-like, and there is a gap between the beds.

(It is to imagine, like other girls sit suitcase, sell what's innocence, but they will often sit ... .. bad ....)

Sit very tired all the time like doing yoga ...... you have to side with perennial sleep, otherwise sleep.

02. We always make men think the thing shame shame

This is definitely not the gospel, a man with an aggressive look that all the time to aim your ass, you do not understand this embarrassing ......

03. We can not wear jeans

It is very difficult to buy the right size to wear into more have resorted to feeding effort, even wearing butt will look bigger, thicker thighs ... ..

And easily frayed pants. . .

03. The girl's underwear is not showing a good buy, but also so that we do not ask her why.

04. The girl trouble is, some people say she wear a uniform or have AV That depends sense, her boyfriend also complained about the "back door" some difficult ......

That in the end do you still want to continue to practice it?

However, no eggs distressed girls, because the majority (M) or the next person reading this feeling diagram:

Well, ignore gay views, they want a little thin, how do? Is there a way to thin hip, of course I got it!

Thin hip method a high leg lift exercise

Elementary school gym class, do a high leg lift exercise a lot of people have tried it! In fact, for large buttocks MM, get up every day to do a high leg lift exercise is also a good method of thin hip. High leg lift exercise can effectively exercise the buttocks muscles, achieve the purpose of reducing the hips. So we get up every day, they can do high leg five groups, each two minutes, one week later, you will find that your hip muscles become strong.

Thin hip method II. Thin hip stairs

Climbing stairs is also a very good thin hip method, because the stairs of action can exercise to the hip muscles on both sides, let your hips tightened. You can walk to and from work more stairs, the stairs to develop into a lifestyle, to crush those who do not love sports, it is a good health and fitness.

Method three thin hips. Selection of foods thin hip

Medical research, if we are the body metabolism is not good, it will be easier for the body hoarding water and fat accumulation in the lower body, buttocks becomes large. Want to slim down their hips, we eat right. We should eat more fiber foods, such as fruits and vegetables, may reduce constipation. Unsaturated fatty acids instead of saturated fat, can I come to replace animal fat with olive oil, fish, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, but also allows us to reduce the hips.You can also eat more fish, low in calories relative to other meats, fish, and can promote metabolism, strengthen the body fat consumption. So I suggest Xiangshou hip crush, more attention from the diet.

Thin hip method IV. Learning a thin hip dance

I love dancing friends can learn Latin dance, Latin dance movements in a lot of hip twist, can be a good exercise to your hip muscles, to promote the consumption of excess fat above. And Latin dance movements are beautiful, the stretch of the hip line, extension has very good effect. We can help you create the perfect hip line.

Thin hip method V. yoga thin hip

Yoga can be a good body shape, do not love to go out for MM is a good choice. Because yoga for less demanding venue, just on the floor you can practice yoga. Xiangshou hip crush, can specifically practice swimming for thin hip movement, free time at home and more practice, you can achieve the purpose of thin hip, you can also exercise, very good.

Thin hip method VI. Wear high heels thin hip

Many women like to wear high heels, high heels can make women look taller than, in fact, it can exercise to the hips. According to the US study, women wear high heels to walk unconsciously buttocks, which effectively makes the buttock muscles become strong. Crush Xiangshou hip can wear high heels walking 30 minutes a day, there will be an unexpected effect. But I personally do not recommend women wear high heels every day, on the feet is not very good.

Thin hip in many ways, as long as we practice a lot, every day to sit down, a long time will naturally be effective, but if you do not insist on always do so, to reach the effect of time, Xiao Bian think maybe you will be more disappointed. More focused on hip fat, if it is compact S-curve, big point on the big points, trouble trouble on the point of it, you still feel the current aesthetic beauty! Hey!

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