How can black beans when medicinal treatment with black beans

Life has a lot of foods are nourishing to share, such as black beans, the "king of beans," said a kidney beauty treatment and other effects. These beans small recipe below you can first collection together for contingencies.

How can black beans when medicinal treatment with black beans

Many people are not familiar with the benefits of black beans

1, beautify the skin. Black beans are rich in oligosaccharides, crude fiber and pectin, these ingredients to beautify the skin, keeping skin young and helpful. At the same time, can enhance renal function, and promote the excretion of excess water and old waste.

2, lower cholesterol. Black beans are rich in linoleic acid, lecithin, dietary fiber, etc., can effectively inhibit cholesterol in the blood, thus preventing obesity and chronic diseases.

3, maintaining normal blood pressure. Dai Yong soap contained black beans, and black beans unique melanoma, can prevent fat oxidation occurs, these effects can strengthen blood vessels and increase the elasticity of blood vessels.

4, relieve knee pain. Black beans are rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and other minerals, the effect of strengthening the bones; and black beans in linoleic acid has anti-inflammatory effect, can relieve pain caused by osteoporosis. In addition, in medicine, the elderly and debilitating knee pain kidney, liver, spleen function are closely related, and black beans can strengthen the role of the liver, kidney, spleen and other organs to relieve knee pain.

Magical black beans small recipe treatment of a variety of small ailments

1, the treatment of various hyperlipidemia:

Treatment man blood in the stool, black beans 1 liter, Chaojiao powder, hot Jiujin, the beans go drinking; cure scurvy, hawthorn, black beans, 120 grams of sugar, 3 cups mashed add water, Jian Fei, plus 60 grams of rice wine, a dose; cure all blood, the black bean soup with saponin micro dip, fry peeled into powder, refined lard and pills (Indus sub-large), 30 pills per serving, Chen rice soup the next.

2, treatment of hair:

Treatment of senile white hair, black beans amount, steamed and dried, repeated several times, each taking 6 grams when used chewing salt water after delivery, taken twice a day; cure all kinds of non-hereditary white hair, black beans 120 grams, rice vinegar 500 grams, black beans, such as a thin paste with Cuzhu, filtered residue to clean toothbrush dipped in medicine vinegar, outside bristles hair daily.

3, dizziness Wei Ming: the black beans 30 grams, chrysanthemum 12 grams, medlar, Tribulus terrestris 15 grams decoction.

4, bones Bitongkang: black beans 30 grams, mulberry, medlar, angelica 15 grams, independent living 9 g, decoction.

5, baby eczema: black soybean oil 30 ml, yellow wax 15 grams, a total melting of paste, coating the affected area.

6, burn: black beans 250 grams, boiled gravy, take appropriate coated surface.

Notes eat black beans

1, although the role of kidney beans, but is not a serious kidney disease and edible black beans, black beans bad digestion because, if severe kidney disease who eat black beans, but will increase the burden on the kidney, so severe kidney disease are not suitable to eat black beans.

2, children should not eat, deficiency in patients who are allergic to beans unfit for human consumption.

3, black soybean fry, heat a large, multi-eater easy to get angry, so should not eat.

4, not with milk, black beans, spinach, milk, tetracycline, castor bean, Magnolia, gentian, five Senate the same food. Gentian and five Senate and Magnolia are of Chinese herbal medicines, so we eat traditional Chinese medicine in time to pay attention to what not to eat together and black beans and black soy milk, to avoid poisoning and other adverse phenomena.
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