How To Apply The Best Mask Effect, You Learn?

Now the market is more and more variety of mask, consumers see things in a blur. When you get a new mask, you know how to make the mask better? Let me give it to them.

How To Apply The Best Mask Effect, You Learn?

The mask is "skin nutrition", can provide skin based skin care products which can provide nutrients and energy to stimulate the vitality of the skin, the largest in a short period of time, let the skin supple and elastic. But the best mask is not deposited every day, the mask actually have to pay attention to skills, use the mask method is not correct, not only waste the nutrients in the mask, but also make the skin more apply more hurt.

Many types of mask, styles are as follows.

A. Patch

This is the most common, mostly made of non-woven fabrics, a good point is the silk process. The flat face mask in a period of time, to the skin to fully absorb the essence can be removed in accordance with the instructions, select whether cleaning. It must rub moisturizing lotion or cream. This is the best skin emergency mask mask.

B. Mud

Mud mask is generally equipped with special mask stick or small spoon. With the mask stick were evenly applied to the face, about 1 yuan coin thickness can be, and then on the basis of that wait, seven dry time can be cleaned. But painted thick how to clean? First use the mask stick scraping mud on the face again, this is not how much, then with a wet sponge to wipe the final rinse wash again. Well, clear skin baked it.Usually the mud mask is a function of deep cleansing, the mask can be used after the tool to remove acne or under exfoliating, this time face will be more dry, the best and then apply a moisturizing mask, relieve skin, replenish moisture.

C. Tearing type

Tearing type, as the name implies, is evenly to the face, after tearing down. Is not recommended for regular use. Because tear will cause some damage to the skin, the skin often pulled to easy relaxation. But deep cleaning effect is very good, dear people can use discretion. Blackhead or facial acne mostly tearing type mask, after use must use toner shrink pores small.

D. Soft membrane powder

With the principle of tearing mask almost, but is much more modest than that. This is to buy back the powder, to transfer water. The water is pure water, can also be water softener.To pay attention to the proportion, too thin or too thick. After washing the face, can wipe the toner or essence, and then adjusted the soft powder coated to the face, seven dry time off. This process is very fun. Off with water after washing face, then according to the normal procedure, skin care can be.

E. Sleep mask

This is the legendary lazy mask, only night after basic skin care work can be directly coated with a layer of sleep, the morning of the second day cleaning up, really convenient.MM do not miss oh. But if this mask facial skin swelling or acne, you can pause. Every day is not too enough, according to the use function and the absorption of the mask personal circumstances.

I believe we are very clear on the market of these type of mask. How to apply the mask can make double effect? Let's see.

  • To clean the skin mask before

Only the oil, the skin surface sebum and aging cutin completely removed, the skin is really clean, basal cell division will become active, the skin will absorb more nutrients. So the film before, should first wash up remover, when necessary, can also go to the cutin. The past horny should not be too frequent, so as not to damage the skin's natural barrier, basically a month 2 best, sensitive skin in January once is enough. Oily skin in winter can be two times a month, summer Monday times.

  • The best mask after bath application

A hot bath is the best time to mask, because when the skin pores fully open, the skin can better absorb the nutrients in the mask, the mask effect by ultimate play. Or, in the mask before, MM can first wash your face with hot water in the mask, the effect is very good. When the mask of winter, can put the mask after about 45 degrees in the water soak 3-5 minutes is not enough, feel cold, and the absorption of mask is better.

  • Mask before the first coating layer Essence Liquid

MM can choose essence suitable according to individual needs and preferences, first in the face coated layer, this effect is to be in, let the skin mask, and mask to form a vacuum state, the mask can be closer to the face skin care products, avoid evaporate in the air, can be effective skincare products to help accelerate the absorption. If there is no essence, then coated with toner.

  • As far as possible and close skin mask

Apply mask, to close with the skin, let skin mask between and try not to have the air. Then, adjust the mask, the maintenance liquid content sheet mask on a lot, you can easily take extra care mask below, smear on the neck, not only a little waste can also nourish the skin of the neck. In addition, packing sheet mask, lying can make the mask more obedient oh!

  • Mask to be semi dry can tear off

General mask for about 15 minutes, because we are in the face coated with a layer of essence, so about 15~20 minutes, the paper mask to be semi dry state can be torn off, do not wait until the whole dry after the tear paper mask, as a result, it will take away the face of the water! As long as the mask before, then coated with a layer of essence, can let the more nourishing mask! Usually the mask packaging above will have the corresponding instructions, all instructions in accordance with the requirements of operation can also be optimistic about.

  • Mask after use of skin care products for maintenance

After the mask, but also coated with emulsion, nutrients that can help skin retain moisture absorption of the skin just.
  • When you apply mask to relax the effect will be better
The mask on the face after the ban, frowning, laughter, and try to avoid talking loudly. Let yourself in a relaxed environment, quietly skin care. According to a survey, comfortable environment, relaxed mood, conducive to the absorption of skin care products.

  • How to do a mask 8 times

The number of mask is used too frequently will cause skin allergy, redness and other adverse symptoms. Every day deposited mask, can make your skin more fragile, more and more sensitive. General mask the normal use of frequency at about 2 times a week.

  • Essential physiological period Moisturizing Facial mask

The physiological period should pay attention to the skin moisture, monthly period, blood down, the body of water will drain, rough dry skin easily. If the blood circulation is not smooth, black eye conditions will be very obvious, this time so deep moisturizing mask moisturizing crunch time, this time is necessary, at the same time combined with whitening mask on it.
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