How to make the makeup all day fine clean?

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How to fix

Every morning the United States and the United States began to go out, can be a makeup at noon. After work to go out, face dirty let you completely not to mention the spirit. The day wore a "cat face, it is easy to give a bad impression. In the bag on the floor of the makeup tools, let you enjoy all day clean and delicate!

The necessary goods makeup bag

The Vial Spray Lotion

The small bags of clean cotton

The powder

The morning eyeshadow and lipstick

Super simple makeup tips

Eye makeup

After the first step, eyes spent, if with a finger or dry cotton Bangying wipe, make makeup look always dirty. This time the need to use make-up water to soak a cotton swab, gently rub the liner, and then use the black substance soiled cotton stick dry clean again on the liner.

Step II, erase part of flower makeup, black eyeliner has become obvious, due to stimulation turned red. The use of powder, just wipe off part of the cover. Note that can not be compared with the previous makeup color line form. step

In the morning, with the eyeshadow, smooth and clean your liner part.

Skin repair

Step 1, put his hand over his eyes, will take the make-up water spray bottle a little far away from the face, oily skin to spray a few times.

Step II, hand pat, makeup and spray off together, make makeup look more docile. Must not use the way of painting, but part way.

Step 3, still the state of moisture in the skin, the powder coated to press the way in the face. The skin will be just like the makeup as fresh and clean.


The first step, the first light with a layer of Lip Balm Moisturizing Lip skin, then gently wipe with a paper towel lip balm.

Step II, and cover the mouth lip with the powder.

Step 3, finally apply lipstick, lip is very perfect!
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