How To You Get Effective Fitness No White Busy!

Due to the different conditions and progress of muscle fitness, this package suitable for entry level reference, it can also be combined to make the road to fitness.

Teach You Get Effective Fitness No White Busy!

  1. Gym before warming up
  2. Arrange of the fitness movement, such as refining a few days rest, which day the main refining what and so on.
  3. Each movement should be aware of, and appropriate pictures and video show, and the number of groups, number, group break, strength and control.
  4. Fitness after relaxing
  5. Fitness after eating with the third refinery, seven minutes to eat.
  6. Habits of cooperation, good habits to develop a good fitness habits.

You himself see you now by with of exercise plans, is contains this several aspects does. a effective of fitness plans not online copy about on into of, a has thought of fitness answered who not so easy on wrote a fitness plans, fitness plans is to for himself of his most has effect of. from himself of the aspects of detailed information starting, then targeted of developed out for fitness plans, to reached twice of effect.

In view of the above, to adjust his plans, I hope to help you. I'm not, you do not give me whatever, just want to use their knowledge, do something.

My coach gave me cheats for you and my diet

First: Basic training

Adhere to basic training, with the most straightforward free weight training in weight the fat, do not ignore

Basic actions, such as drag compound action is best for muscle growth, in every training session should be the most effective

Compound action placed first, finish after the great weight of the compound action, and isolated actions or instruments to improve

Muscles to reach the depth of homeward.

Next: Protein

Not to limit protein intake, protein intake, the more, your muscles will grow faster, generally fit the standard protein

Intake is averaged at least one gram of protein per pound of body weight, in order to better promote muscle growth, protein

Daily intake per pound of body weight 1.5---2 g

Third: Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the main food for increased muscle volume, but excessive intake of carbohydrates can increase the body's

Fat content, so be careful with carbohydrate intake, generally fit the standard intake is per pound of body weight to

Less required more than 2 grams of carbs, so there is a need to increase intake to intake per pound of body weight 2.5---3 g of carbon

Carbohydrates, but not any more, or just couldn't digest food into fat, the best arrangement is for

Training days in the water around 3 g of carbon, especially when the training intensity than larger, this volume is a must,

If you are training or small muscle groups rest days when can slightly reduce carbon and water, but no less than 2, 5 g

Below this intake, it's difficult to play the full growth potential of muscle.

Part IV: Compulsory

Should be prepared for each muscle at least more than one barbell exercises, if heavy weight barbell training

, Muscle bulk and strength is bound to decline, only using high intensity training can make the muscle continues to grow and evolve.

Five: Circumference

No matter if the muscle mass and developed in the first place, haven't honed mega-muscular development

Ago, there was no need too exquisite muscular lines and symmetry, because doing so will slow down the development of muscle if muscle

After you already have the ideal size and girth, to repair the muscle lines and the degree of symmetry, muscle size is the point.

Teach You Get Effective Fitness No White Busy!

Sixth: Standard position

Maintain the correct training postures, both Powerlifting or bodybuilding training, maintaining the highest standards of action is the most important

, Especially in times of strength, even if the load again, higher difficulty, to guarantee the high quality of training actions, site

Big, but must not be used, on the exercise load applied to the target, otherwise, it will only increase the risk of injury


Seventh: Fitness training when load is not the most important

Fitness training is different from Powerlifting, power lift only with the correct posture to push greater weight and fitness training

The real significance is the degree of muscle fatigue, weight-bearing, while important, but more important is feel the muscle stretch in training

And squeezed in between each two actions should not be stalled for too long, at most two seconds, it will only give the muscles a breather

Will, however, not up to the end.

Eighth: The number of results

Need to know the number of training effects, with a number of different training to bring about different results,

1---5 number of exercises is applicable between the overall muscle strength, this number is only suitable for a large weight of free weights

Training, such as bench press, squats, hard pull. While the development of muscle strength very well, but also has his shortcomings, is

If you use this training method for muscle size is not obvious, the real development of muscle 8---12 is the standard number and

6---8 between these two times of exercise on muscle development is the best, but for muscle strength between 1---5

Faster training, more than 15 times the training process is mainly to improve the muscle's line to increase muscle separation, but

Minimum muscle mass and strength, should not use this method of training for beginners, beginners just entered

Fitness training when small, should have reached a certain degree of muscle mass line again after training.

The Ninth: Group coffee breaks

Need to know group break time for various training exercises, if used improperly, the training effect will play

Discount. 1---5 rest between weight training should not be too short, because the main objective now is to push more weight

Rather than the degree of stimulation of the muscles, so you don't have to be careful in the groups break for too long, if only to push more weight

OK, this is called the power, although may take longer rest, but you must keep the rest in 3 minutes,

If you rest for too long will cause the temperature to drop, which means that significantly increase the risk of injury, fitness training group

Break must be controlled within 1---1.5, if more than words at this time, the stimulation of the muscles will not get the depth,

Each of because I feel we should continue to give training a strong incentive and sense of burning muscles, because this time is mainly

Developing muscle size and depth make him rest, and if that's all right, we can rest less, generally for complex

Collection action can rest longer, can reach 1.5-minute break between the groups, because the compound action consumes a very large,

To recover more slowly, so it may have more rest than isolated actions, but never more than 1.5 minutes, and for the isolated
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