Importance Of Squats And Training Program

During the meetings with bodybuilding in the first 2 or 3 years, I never had a formal squat exercises. There are many reasons, first of all I think the thighs too coarse will affect the shoulder width overall feel waspish, afraid not to buy the right pair of trousers. This situation in my narcissistic training continued until one day I got the nickname of infantile paralysis.

Importance Of Squats And Training Program

This time I will have to review their training programs, because in addition to the lack of coordination of my training as a whole has also been unprecedented resistance: weight gain stalled. For a long period of time, I always weigh 80 kilos, no matter how much to eat, not to mention muscles, that fat is not good. And my arm strength is poor, push the grip always shakes at around 100 kg. Thanks to the gym, an old coach, he advised me to squat and deadlift as the training, because the thickness of the upper limb increases and increased leg strength will create a whole new me. In thereafter half time in, I of deep squat weight from most began of 90 kg growth to has 170 kg, hard pulled also makes I of back wide muscle looks more has icing, deep squat weight of increased makes I of weight also has has obviously progress, I quickly growth to has 90 kg, and no too more fat, can said, is deep squat makes I towards has bodybuilding game. In reaching this altitude, new troubles came again: my squat max weight and weight gain appeared stalled.

At this time, a team of friends invited me to visit their training, on a weight training class, I saw a weight of 95 kg of weight-lifter squats weight of 365 kg, there were Iran weightlifting team to visit China training athletes, their large level athletes squats can even exceed 400 kg in weight. This training session so I understand a truth: Wade, Bonnie law applies to bodybuilding enthusiasts, but this rule if there is no breakthrough, and deeper understanding, a fitness enthusiast in this framework is not a bodybuilder.Soon, I for himself developed has new of training plans, in this new plans in, I basic abandoned has medium weight training, instead of is warm-up weight and big weight deep squat training, to guarantee movement strength in place, I stop has himself brachial II head muscle and other small muscle group of isolated training, movement basic to deep squat, and hard pulled, and introduction body up and lying push mainly, weekly three times training, each deep squat class to practice 30 group around, then rest three days You again began deep squat, To say my training into two basic elements: 1 squats; 2 deadlifts and bench press. Sometimes change order on the basis of two ways: 1 squat, deadlift, 2 bench press. This training programme in strength than weight training was less, but my own needs have been met. In the ensuing three months, my weight quickly grew to 97 kg, although fat lot, but my squat max weight in the case of friends to protect had reached 220 kilograms, while my trapezius muscle and also have made new progress, amazing changes in bench press weight: up to 150 kg. During that time, I did not use any present sense of nutritional supplements, had the impression things vitamin supplements series, but instead of the multivitamin now series, and yeast tablets, digestive medicine, then there is the ginseng royal jelly. My training plan also preserved, came hoping to play a valuable role:

Monday: deep squat: 80 kg warm-up-100 kg 15 times-120 kg 12 times-150 kg 8 times (power failure, next a group began Qian rest 2, and 3 minutes)-180 kg 5 times-200 kg 2 times-220 kg 1 times, then his last three group very lightweight practice: 60kg barbell deep squat, take joint group method: double feet take wide-in the-narrow three species station attitude continuous do three group, each group completed 8 times, this for a big group, each big group between rest 15 seconds species, The second large group training, a total of three group training, followed by the biceps muscle training, the training I was casual, because in the ensuing hard pull exercises, tend to be stronger stimulation of biceps femoris. Tuesday: rest, recovery; Wednesday: lying push: 80 kg warm-up-90 kg 12 times-100 kg 10 times-120 kg 6 times-150 kg 6 times (protection to force exhaust), 150 kg completed 3 Group pursuit best effect, next is hard pulled training: 80-90-100-120-150-180-200, last three group big weight requirements force exhaust, this Hall training class end Hou, whole back and chest are well into sauce red, congestive effect great. After resting for two days on Saturday again began to squat training.

Any bodybuilding theory are is relative of, some people of bodybuilding theory, and weightlifting theory separate told actually is a beginners of mentality, in bodybuilding training into must stage You, if you always hold with "medium weight" of concept training, so in muscle completely development this a link Shang you may forever also not made more big progress, medium weight belongs to those keep figure who and very easy long muscle who. If your recovery ability and strength are not very good, you can try my training plan, three months for a large period, fourth month of traditional training, we can look at after a crazy cycle training their muscles ever progress.

I think this method is particularly suitable for strength and muscle bodybuilding enthusiasts of easy growth, if your goal is to increase muscle mass.
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