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Abdominal exercises

Abdominal exercise

Strong abdominal muscles is important to maintain the ideal conditions for sexual function.

Supine, legs buckling, tuck hands, pull your knees to the chest, a little harder, so that his hands trembling somewhat, and then slowly relax. Then stretch the hip, try to make the legs straight flat. Then legs hip flexor, knee against the chest. Repeated 5 times. Finally, hands flat side of the body, legs straight on the move five times, or about 5 times each leg on the move.

Pelvic exercises

Pelvis back and forth motion of the exercise to the pelvic and abdominal muscles is very important.

Squat, knees slightly bent, two-legged 6O centimeters apart, hands on his hips. Inhale, push the front of the pelvis; breath, the pelvis back, and buttocks pushed back as far as possible. Repeated 1O times.

Massage Exercise

Massage Exercise

Experience increased sexual pleasure

Supine, bent knees, knees apart, foot relative, hand massage from the knee to the thigh, and then from the bottom to the crotch massage. Massage inhale, exhale when the hand returns knees. Repeated 5 times. Massage to relax, watch the action arising from experience systemic comfort.

Exhibition leg exercises

Exercise inner thigh muscles. Sports torso, thigh, abdominal pressure acting on the vagina, resulting in pleasure, while the opening of the vagina, which will help local blood smooth.

Sitting, hands back brace, left leg bent stand, right leg bent outreach, flat mat. Hip, leg abduction, a little straight; down the buttocks, right leg do the same action. Repeated 5 times.

Show flat side, right leg straight, left leg bent frame in the right leg, dorsal pointed, left knee touch the ground as much as possible. Twist twist hip, then the hip, abdomen does not move, maintain 1O seconds. And then the next left leg, right leg on doing the same action. The harder twist twist, the greater the pressure vagina and labia subject. Repeat 3 times around each leg. Because thigh squeeze and relax, genitals blood will suddenly decrease and increase, genitals that I am comfortable relaxation.

Exercises buttocks

Healthy, strong glutes favor sex. Gluteal muscle contraction to stimulate and control vasomotor vagina.

Slapping the buttocks: can promote blood circulation buttocks, reflex relaxation of the vagina with fever and flu. In the shower beat better.

Kneading the buttocks: kneading the buttocks can stimulate deep muscle nerves. Kneading the shower more comfortable. Best before kneading hands painted a little lubricant to facilitate the operation. Kneading the buttocks muscles to be lifted, you will feel discomfort, relax after the better.

Standing, hand hip break apart, while breathing; let go, exhale. Repeated 5 times.Then prone position, with hands pressed gluteal muscles, inhale; when you let go of the breath.Repeat five times. This exercise is more severe, can produce significant pleasure.

Shame tail muscle exercises

This festival parade through exercise pubococcygeus, can significantly improve sexual function, as well as improving the uterine organ function and prevent stress urinary incontinence. This exercise for women of any age are suitable, in particular, it is a natural childbirth mothers. Help to improve sexual function.

Anal, holding back the movement: 3 times a day, every time under 100, each under 1 second.

Opening practice

Can enhance women feel the uterus, vagina and pelvic muscles. Supine, knees, thighs apart, gently separate the labia, hand on the thigh, then moved to the crotch, while minimizing hip flexor knees, then slowly straighten legs. I feel very comfortable.

Supine, legs apart, bend. Left hand on the lower left abdomen, shoulder relaxation, inner thigh muscles tension. Knee slowly circled do sports, inner thighs appear pleasure. Have this feeling, we will focus on the pubic bone protuberance, and the very pubic bone, but leave the buttocks cushion.

Vulva can squeeze the hips and thighs bodybuilding exercises, muscle elasticity.
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