Meditation and trance What is the difference? In the end what is meditation

Some people may wonder about meditation, meditation is not just sitting here, and what is the difference between a daze?

So a simple understanding of meditation: when attention continue, you enter into a meditative state.
But do you mind is in a daze, without purpose, free roaming.

Speak a little more complicated, meditation is himself into a deep state of peace, stop the awareness, focus on your heart, feel your body, aware of their own emotions and thoughts, and finally into ecstasy.

So how to Meditate: for beginners, can be observed from the beginning to breathe.

Because it is hard for the beginner to concentrate, and observe their breathing, can help beginners concentrate, first you find a comfortable relaxed state of the body, and then close your eyes, heart meditation with the breath, exhale and inhale.

Feel the air flowing in your body, keep the breath of nature.

After you pass the attention to breathing training for a period of time, can begin to feel the body and aware of your thoughts and feelings.

As you sit for a long time, the body feels sour, you don't change the posture, feeling this kind of feeling.

No matter what you feel, or to continue to pay attention to your breathing.

After practicing for a period of time, began to observe your emotions and thoughts, feelings of irritability, loneliness, fear, joy, and accept them to find their source.
And your emotions together, this is your meditation.

In the mood you observe it, will disappear, then you will have some idea, the idea is general for disappear before the mood.
For example, your mood is upset, why upset?
Because tomorrow is going to see the mother-in-law.
Always look, you will understand their own thinking mode.

Regular meditation can release your pressure, focus on their feelings, so you can perceive your thoughts and emotions, body feeling, can let you gain a more peaceful state.
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