Methods to do the winter tonic soup

Winter tonic soup is the choice of many people, but if the soup appeared errors and taboo will affect the role of tonic soup. Today, want to introduce the winter tonic soup is common taboos and misunderstanding, come together to have a look.

Methods to do the winter tonic soup

The winter tonic soup misunderstanding

Rice soup. We chew food, not only to chew swallow food easy, more important is to take food from saliva and saliva is constantly moist, chewing food, there are a lot of digestive enzymes in saliva, can help digestion and absorption, it is beneficial to health. While rice soup due to the rice soak, if not chewing will not affect swallowing, so eat the food that is often not through saliva digestive process into the stomach, the stomach digestion to increase the burden, a long time, it is easy to cause stomach discomfort.

"Soup to slag". Somebody has done a test, fish, chicken, beef and other protein rich raw food and cook for 6 hours, looking soup has very strong, but the protein digestion rate of only 6%-15%, there are more than 85% of the protein remained in the "slag". That is to say, no matter how long the soup, meat nutrition also cannot complete dissolved in the soup. The soup also eat the right amount of meat.

Drink just like good soup pot. Just boil good soup is often very hot, and many people are just like this very hot soup, drink more warm up that in stomach. In fact, the mouth, esophagus, gastric mucosa can only bear the highest temperature of 60 degrees, more than this temperature can cause mucosal burn even gastrointestinal mucosal canceration, so 50 degrees below the soup more suitable.

The taboo of winter tonic soup

Salt is easy to exceed the standard. The delicious soup should be derived from fresh ingredients and nutrition, many restaurants in order to attract customers, often with a lot of fresh salt "". China Nutrition Society recommends adults daily salt intake should be less than 6 grams. According to the latest data show, the general restaurant soup, salt content in 1.2%~2%, also is to drink 2 bowls of soup, may eat 5 grams of salt. Eating too much salt can cause high blood pressure, osteoporosis and other diseases.

Excessive flavor. There are some restaurants, often fragrant chicken soup, but soup without a few pieces of pork or chicken. Qi Cuihua remind, the soup is likely to add an excess of flavor. In the standard amount of edible essence of health is harmless, but the restaurant is entirely by chef soup "feel" added, very easy to overdose.

Oil vessel injury. There are a lot of oil many restaurant soup, especially a lot of animal oil, such as lard, chicken oil, the risk of cardiovascular is very large.

Easy to put msg. The restaurant often add a lot of fresh to MSG, the elderly, children and other special groups to eat.

So, how to drink soup is the most healthy?

The principle of winter tonic soup

Materials should be properly: appropriate selection of the raw material is the key for a good soup. Used for making soup, usually animal raw materials, such as chicken, duck, pork, pig pork, pork, ham, duck, fish, full flavor, but must be small, less bloody smell. This kind of food contains rich protein, amino acid, succinic acid, nucleotide, poultry can extract containing carnivorous nitrogen dissolved in water, including muscle protein, creatine, creatinine, urea and amino acids and other non protein nitrogenous substances, they are the main source of delicious soup.

Food should be fresh: fresh is not always pay attention to the "meat to eat fresh fish kill jump" fresh "". The modern story of fresh fish, livestock and poultry, is killed after 3 ~ 5 hours, then all kinds of fish or poultry enzyme protein, fat, fatty acids and amino acids into the body is easy to absorb the material, not only the most nutritious, the taste is the best.
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