Raise a good body, but also eating and sleeping

Third of training, seven eating, signifying important to eat. How to eat? Some friends asked not to eat supplements, nutritional agent.For fitness enthusiasts, eat really is not uniform. Some people say that to reach 40 percent protein diet, carbohydrate needs 50%, leaving the remaining 10 percent fat. Some also say that 20% is enough protein, carbohydrate and fat ratio a little higher. Either way, our fitness diet during these three substances are indispensable.

For general fitness enthusiasts, eat three meals a day are enough nutrients, just had finished and then add some fruit, protein, carbohydrate it. If you want to do more rapid muscle growth, usually exercise a powerful large meal to add some animal protein, as well as milk, eggs and so on.

In fact, most people do not eat supplements, taking vitamins and other minerals, can look nutrients from food. Here to say this food under yellow bean sprouts, it contains a substance that can reduce the secretion of lactic acid in the muscles, reduce your fatigue, and bean sprouts and cheap. Usually eat more fruits and vegetables, for the food, vitamins are generally enough. And if you sweat during exercise more, you can drink salted water, maintain the balance of sodium in the body, and some sports drinks can drink.

To flesh must be enough sleep, eat and sleep, sleep and eat to grow meat. That day, how many hours do you want to sleep, this fact is not fixed, some people sleep eight hours, some people sleep seven hours, some people do not sleep for 10 hours is not enough to wake up. This depends on your own, the key is they wake up, feel good, this shows that you sleep enough.

Diet Tips: Some people say that fitness can be hard to eat not fat, in fact, will not be a problem is to balance the intake of fat and consumption. Such as your protein and carbohydrate intake too much, then you consume can not afford to heat generated, it will be converted into neutral fat piled up and stored in the skin, which is fat.There are problems of animal and vegetable oils, vegetable oil is not fat people say, you do not see every day, some monks vegetarian, it is also a fat man. In fact, no matter what kind of oil, if you can not consume the body, storage of, can make you fat.

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