Remedy Beauty Experts For You Detailed Breast Ptosis.

With the growth of age and family reasons, female friend's chest will appear drooping, this is a lot of women's heart, but they don't know is, breast ptosis can remedy. In fact, treatment of breast ptosis have a lot of knowledge, learn together.

Remedy Beauty Experts For You Detailed Breast Ptosis.

Moderate size, morphology of normal breast is women's body fitness and display characteristics of the logo. It is said that a woman in children after the body shape, the most obvious is the double breasted change, is the most obvious manifestation of breast ptosis. Women in midlife does different degrees of breast ptosis. The cosmetic clinical medicine according to different degrees of breast ptosis correction is solved in different ways.

1, The moderate size of mild sagging breasts

This type of breast ptosis most easily, without operation correction, as long as wearing a suitable supportive bra, but if the patient has to wear a bra effect is not satisfactory, only by the ring around the areola incision operation can be a traumatic do very little to solve the problem.

2, Mild to moderate breast ptosis with chronic cystic hyperplasia

Such as breast cystic hyperplasia heavier, sagging breasts underwent mastectomy operation, usually for subpectoral breast implants for breast reconstruction, thin skin is more suitable for breast implant prosthesis, with skin pedicle of nipple and areola to carry on to the appropriate position, but be careful not to make the wound too tight the skin, the tension is too large, so as not to affect the blood supply of the nipple and areola.

3, Mild to moderate ptosis with mild to moderate hypertrophy

This method through the removal of a certain amount of skin, breast tissue and a small amount of fat, in order to obtain the desired breast size and shape, the specific operation method and operation method should be according to the experience of plastic surgeons are skilled and skilled, can be said that as long as the application, reasonable design.

4, Moderate or obvious but the volume of normal breast ptosis

The correct method and breast reduction surgery, removal of excess skin and subcutaneous tissue retain all glands, but, will put on the gland and fixed, shaping. How is this to prevent breast sagging? The incision around the areola, can form the fullness of the breast, the nipple areola upward shift, and narrow base excision breast, areola and the surrounding skin increased a ring, leaving only a little incision in the areola around or under the outside, by wearing a bra to cover.

Breast ptosis is a natural phenomenon, but it is not reversible, operation is one of the most direct and effective way, of course, if you are worried about the risk of operation, and do not want to spend too much money on this matter, may wish to use a more populist, editorial recommendation you read: breast ptosis without fear small recipe you plump
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