Teach you see by the way the Department bodysuit female character

The way will be exposed underwear character? Emory University (Emory University) and human behavior body language expert Patti Wood, said: "Women can be basically divided into four categories - Queen type (control), Royal sister type (affect), conservative (stable) and perfect type (correction), and you do everything you can do things the way you are showing character, underwear is no exception. "......

American psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston (Dr. William Moulton Marston) the DISC behavioral model theory (a kind of "human behavior language" theory, normal human behavior main identifiable, after detailed text ) studies have revealed a link a person's clothing and their behavior, Patti based on this study further reveals the relationship between the Department of underwear buckle action and inner character, he found women's underwear department fastener manner and personality are the following links:

1 Queen type (Dominance): underwear worn button before the

Caption: front button underwear worn

Queen type of women like to wear underwear in front button, they do not like to waste time, especially not like to waste time on invisible underwear buckle; these people pay attention to efficiency, they are more inclined to direct, tough to deal with the problem, Not only that they themselves, also want others to be so. They fear losing control, so take the initiative in life is critical to their full range of purposes.

These people prefer the brand, the pursuit of first-class quality, so they are more likely to be attracted by a number of high-end lingerie brands, they will after careful thought to make informed decisions, so when buying underwear will be very strict.

2, royal sister type (Influence): fasten the buckle in the chest and then transferred back to the back

Caption: buckle fastened in the chest and then go back

Fasten the buckle in the chest and then transferred back to the people behind are living in the "royal sister" and keep perfect, charismatic, I like to be outside attention and appreciation, so the choice of underwear, they tend to choose bright colors and details of the deal to a good style.

In the chest buckle clasp ensures underwear to wear more fitted, more perfect, their sense of humor, like to accept the challenge, learning new things, but they are very easy to feel that life is boring to Chen, these people are not skilled in need Work focused on the details and have complicated steps.

3, conservative (Steady): Behind buckle underwear buckle

Caption: Behind the lines of underwear buckle

If you are accustomed to from the back buckle underwear buckle, then you must belong to conservative women, these people tend to follow traditional values, loyal they learned. Patti said: "The conservative women often ponder before taking action for a long time, they stick to the traditional concept will undoubtedly make it choose the traditional way at the time to wear underwear." These people do not like change, you want to let them try new things or accept the change is often difficult, you need to convince them, otherwise they will still stick to their past experience and ways of doing things.

It is said that these people be kind, considerate, is a good confidant, they will always be your student diary in mind, when you want to cry borrow your shoulder. Even by underwear, they will go with friends to buy.

4, the perfect type (Corrector): first buckle underwear buckle, then set into the head

Caption: first buckle underwear buckle, then set into the head

If you first carefully fastened buckle underwear, then put sets of underwear from his head into it, like wearing the same T-shirt, then you must be as Virgo perfectionist like, they want to make sure that is put on the most perfect results. Such personalities are born analyst, from the outset, what do you want to ensure foolproof, to persuade and dominate these people, you must have sufficient data to support your point of view.

Cautious perfect type of women do not like to be overly concerned, which means they may be more interested in sports underwear. In the purchase of lingerie, underwear, these people will have the size and other details of precision measurement and hear the views of experts.

DISC behavioral model theory

DISC is a behavior physiological theory by Harvard psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston (Dr. William Moulton Marston) in the twenties of the last century, first proposed. In 1928, Dr. Ma Sidun in his book The Emotion of Normal People published his views.

In the book, using his theory to explain how the normal human emotions lead to differences in behavior groups, as well as a person's behavior may change over time, what happens, he will focus on the study can be directly observed psychological phenomenon on. Dr. Ma Sidun hope that practical explanation, to help people better understand and deal with everyday life and relationships.

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