The muscles not burst, A remnant of the people first

Fitness is meant to have healthy body, but many people are injured in fitness, this The loss outweighs the gain.. As a fitness enthusiasts should pay close attention to this aspect, then learn prevention and treatment.

First, many people do not have the concept of prevention in training does not take preventive measures, most of the fitness enthusiasts are young people, have what experience, and be negligent, hastily to start training, a lot of people are injured in such fitness.

Not ready or did not do, this is the main reason: do not injured body and motor nerve preparations have not been mobilized, when the muscles and ligaments did not enter the state, physical coordination is relatively poor, at this time the most prone to sprain or strain. Insufficient preparation does not work, not to rush to get to that level, training is also very easy to be injured, and the joint is not warm up to warm up. There is a warm-up before, this does not work, the body has not yet started exercise, fatigue, and then into motion, are also prone to injury, and preparation and formal activity interval is too long.

Poor health situation on fitness, some people lack of sleep, physical fatigue or with disease at this time, the exercise ability and physical function does not work, reaction ability and body coordination are not on the rhythm, prone to injury.

Some young man, feel very fierce, long time for large weight training. Heavy weight training in muscle tear for a long time, easy to tear the muscles can not be restored.

There is the instrument reason, every time before training to check equipment, see the screw is loose. And his clothes to pay attention to, need to use protective equipment.

Now the winter, relatively rigid body, coordination is relatively poor, should pay special attention to warm-up before training.There are usually must pay attention to rest and nutrition to keep up with the movement to ongoing health.

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