You can pass a good figure worldwide

Europe is located in high latitudes, where the wild harsh environment, the company of humans to wolves compete gift of nature, long-term survival of small populations in the competition to be eliminated. Meanwhile, thick bones are physiologically stronger ability to resist cold environments (such as favorable towering nose heating inhaled air; thick bones strong hematopoietic function, which is not only a strong cold blood anger Zhang capability, while also able to provide more developed The muscles need oxygen and nutrients). Therefore, the Europeans and Americans of some relatively tall stature.

But not to say that we are not Asian ethnic body beautiful. For women the figure, after lordosis Alice's body is beautiful accepted worldwide. For example, there is a girl of Asian ethnic origin, by virtue of their sexy body, was named Asia's second US

Maybe we better than Europe and Asian ethnic people angular facial features.

But for the body after lordosis Alice, we did not lose.

For the body, it meets the S-curve is beautiful.

Has a proud Wai, Man Yao Bottom, this figure is definitely sexy, no wonder that Europeans and Americans also think she is beautiful!

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