"Dilbar Dilbar...". On The Song Bhabhiji Did Hot Dance, Watch The Video....


People shoot videos for reels on Instagram and don't shy away from showing their water on the songs that are trending. Follow the new trends and adopt a variety of tricks. When it goes viral on social media, people move towards new trends again. At the moment, there is a lot of trend of making reels on Bollywood songs.

These days, people are trying their acting talent fiercely in reels on Instagram and are going viral among people. These people do not hesitate at all in front of the world. New – Follow new trends and try new tricks. These videos go viral on social media. With this, let's try other tricks after the video goes viral. Now a bhabhi ji has made reels, that too on Bollywood songs. Now this video of his is trending a lot.

Bhabhi ji's hot dance goes viral

"Dilbar Dilbar...". Anyway people like it very much. It's going viral on social media. Now people are also making reels on this song. Bhabhi ji's dance in this song is going viral, in the video you can see that Bhabhi ji is seen doing a cool dance on the roof of her house. Millions of people were surprised to see his dance.

Watch the video:

This song of Bhabhi ji is being liked a lot by the people. The video has been shared on Instagram's Reels by an account named @priyanka_sur07__. A number of trending hashtags have also been included in the caption. There are many kinds of reactions being given in bhabhi ji's video and users are supporting her a lot. To people, this video looks like the best video. So far, the video has received more than five million likes and has been viewed 90 million times.

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